Random (very)

asher-cake.jpg   About my latest cake…

This is my nephew’s birthday cake. He turned two in early March. I cringe that you photo-gals are looking at my pitiful photo. I just don’t know what I’m doing. Any tips, Bethany?

About my being a blogging slacker…

It has been really busy over here. In addition to normal life, I was planning my teaching for the ladies retreat, and then making the preparations to leave Jason with the kids for that retreat. We had a wonderful time as God met us as He faithfully does for each retreat.

About my little Proverbs 31 series…

Okay, I am only on verse 13, but I will not succumb to legalism 🙂 . I do plan to continue walking through this chapter verse by verse and writing about it here. It would be unrealistic for me to write each day, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now.

About the gorgeous spring weather…

It is gorgeous outside!  Spring is really here.  I am inside typing while I watch my kiddos ride their skateboards/bikes on the front side walk. It’s amazing to have windows open, and peace and quiet in the house. Ahhhhh! Thank you, God for spring with all of its fresh beginnings. I plan on celebrating spring Girl Talk style this Monday which is Jason’s day off.  What a fabulous way to do the fun “Easter” stuff but keeping it separate from celebrating Jesus’ resurrection. Thanks again to the “Girls“.

About March Madness…

I am winning again, but only by one. My boys have brackets this year. I am enduringWe are enjoying watching college basketball ad nauseum on the weekends. 

About John Piper’s latest extremely helpful bit of writing…

I love this by John Piper. Read it to find out how you can hear the voice of God as well.

I told you it was random!

5 thoughts on “Random (very)

  1. Cool cake! I think we’re all suffering from spring slacking when it comes to blogging. I check my bloglines and hardly anyone’s posted! Not to mention I haven’t posted in a long while either.

  2. 1)Very cute cake.
    2)Looking fwd to more Visits with Your Friend, both personally and vicariously.
    3)Ditto on the spring weather. Hoping to make spring eggs and have a hunt. Wonder if the Mahaneys do Christmas presents separate from “the real meaning.” Not that I am a Mahaney copycat or anything, but would love to see influential Christians do Christmas Day differently, keeping it as purposely separate from the world’s way as they do Easter. Including our own little family. I just haven’t got a handle on it yet.
    4) Re: Piper’s post. I didn’t see excerpt from the anonymous pastor’s article in the same way as Piper. I want to read the whole article that he refers to before jumping on board with Piper just because I generally agree adn appreciate his viewpoint. I think he was a bit harxh in this case. I personally am no more OR less amazed whether I hear from God thru the Bible, thru the pulpit, thru other people, or thru His still small voice that I near clearly and frequently as I go about my business. Anyway, it’s food for much thought. This should have been a post. Maybe it will be. 🙂

  3. For cake shots turn off the flash. Get the cake near a window or even overhead lighting…just now flash. The cake blows away especially when there is so much white. If you have a digital SLR open up as wide as you can go that means and f-stop that is a low number such as 2.0 or 2.4. Most cheap lenses only open up to 4.0 or 5.6 but with an iso of at least 400 speed and good window or overhead light that should be okay. As far as angle looks great what you did. I have a few bday cake shots on my blog I think a car one for Jude and Curious George for Seth….all done no flash. I have more samples on my computer if you want me to email them to you.

    The cake is adorable by the way. I am always scared to do characters people recognize makes me nervous but you did an incredible job.

  4. I love your cakes!! I have so much respect for your gift… I bought a costco cake the other day and had four names put on. Well I put down a wrong name. Once I realized this I just thought I’d take it home, scrap it off and write a new name. How hard can that be?? HAHA, I did a horrible job it was totally noticeable and I felt bad for the guy in our care group whose name looked different than all the others 🙂

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