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Proverbs 31:12

Proverbs 31:12  She does him good, and not harm,  all the days of her life.

I don’t have to look far or think hard to find a real-life example of this verse to emulate. My mother has done my dad profound good and not harm all of the days of their married lives (over 40 years). It could be argued that my mom did the ultimate good by visiting a church each week until my at-the-time agnostic father’s curiosity compelled him to go to the meeting with her. This church is where they both heard the gospel, believed, and have worshiped almost every Sunday ever since.

From the very beginning of their Christian lives, my mom did my dad good through her gift of hospitality. She willingly opened her home to host church meetings at my dad’s request. As time progressed she did him good as a capable care group leader’s wife. Her competence in hospitality was only surpassed by her competence in insightful counsel. And when the time came for my dad to become a pastor, my mom continued to do him good. She would rather not have a public ministry at all. She loves being behind the scenes. However, in order to do my dad good by supporting his ministry, she has used her administrative gifts to lead a thriving women’s ministry complete with weekly Bible study (childcare provided!), quarterly women’s meetings, an annual Ladies’ Christmas breakfast (the biggest outreach our church has for unbelievers with 60% attendees being guests!), and a bi-annual ladies’ retreat (coming up next week…stay tuned for the post-retreat blogging).

My mom has done my dad good whether it was through caring for his children or caring for his sister and parents. My mom has done my dad good by making him a success in his ministry rather than selfishly pursuing her own interests. Even more, her interests are his interests. Her vision is his vision. Her life is his life. By the grace of God she has done him good and not harm all the days of their married life so far!


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