Bella Update

Yesterday Bri found out that Bella will be at Hopkins for at least a week. Part of the reason for this is that they will start from square one, conducting their own tests, interpreting the results of these tests, etc. The testing alone is about a three day process. This was difficult for Lawrence and Briana, but again, they are stunning displays of God’s sustaining grace right now. I was so encouraged when I spoke with Bri yesterday on the phone. She is really handling this well…post partum hormones and all.

Today, Lord willing, Bella will have a bronchoscopy to determine if she has structural defects that could have been inherited from Briana. (Bri and both of her twins had a condition that made breathing sound congested because of something to do with skin flaps in the airway…I am so not technical here…but Bri will tell you the official name of the condition).  Bella will have to undergo anesthesia and be intubated (thank you for the proper spelling, Zoanna) which is always scary for parents to experience.

Please continue to pray for this family. Briana says she truly feels upheld by the prayers of the saints.

I’ll continue to update you all. Briana has been wanting to write about it, but understandably, hasn’t had time or energy. Keep checking her blog just in case.


3 thoughts on “Bella Update

  1. What are they needing practically? Homemade meals packed in microwaveable containers? Gift cards to places to eat down near Hopkins? I want to help and I would like to know what would be of immediate practical help in addition to prayer.

  2. PS You’re welcome for the correct spelling. I didn’t used to know how it was spelled, and since it’s not an everyday word, I forgot to just look it up. I asked a paramedic friend next time it came up and he told me and I said, “Oh, a tube in, in-tube…” .

  3. Zoanna, Jo collected cash for them for meals and parking. You can talk to her about that if you would like to contribute. Also, I think that dinners are coming, but maybe healthy snacky food would be good. Bri’s tendency is to not eat when she is in these situations. So if it is easy to grab and go, she’ll eat it.

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