Bella has Arrived!

bella-2.jpgbella-1.jpgBriana had her baby! Isabella Claire was born on February 12th weighing 8lbs. and 5.6oz. After a heroic labor, Bri is recovering well (she’ll give the details on her own blog soon).

Please pray for Bella. She was born experiencing respiratory distress, and though she seems to improve each day, she is still in the hospital receiving additional oxygen and having her lungs x-rayed frequently. So far she shows no signs of infection, but there are still test results waiting to come back. Bri is going back and forth to the hospital, so please be praying for her, Lawrence, and the boys as well. Bri is handling this amazingly well. There is much grace and peace evident in her life right now. One specific prayer request would be for Bella to begin breast feeding soon. Today they will try to feed her with colostrum through a tube that goes straight into her stomach. The hope is that it will not affect her respiration adversely. If this works out well, Bri is one step closer to being able to breastfeed her girly. She has PLENTY of milk waiting for this baby 🙂 . 


5 thoughts on “Bella has Arrived!

  1. Thanks for the update. I was wondering when Bri hadn’t emailed me back earlier this week if she gone into labor and was at the hospital. Thanks for the update! I’ll certainly be praying that Bella will develop strong lungs quickly and begin nursing as soon as she can! And for extra strength for her parents!

    But I’m sad about the name . . . that’s MY top girl name!! I’d heard rumors that if a girl, she’d be named Isabella, and I was holding out that it wouldn’t be so 😉 Oh well, I hope to have several years before I have to contemplate naming any more children!

  2. Thanks for posting. I’ve been wondering and wondering…. Wow! What a tough row to hoe, thanks for letting us know how to pray.

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