Get Ready For Romance

For the married ones of us, if you haven’t heard this teaching by Carolyn Mahaney, it is well- worth the time.  Carolyn courageously goes where few Titus 2 teachers have gone before: straight to the bedroom! This is a teaching on how we can cultivate “Grade A” passion in our marriages. Using the lady from The Song of Solomon, Carolyn defines five areas to pursue with regards to romance and intimacy: attractive, available, anticipatory, aggressive, and adventurous…I didn’t even have to look back at my notes to remember them.

This teaching is so good, Family Life Today is promoting the series right now. I just received this in my inbox today.

4 thoughts on “Get Ready For Romance

  1. Laurie, I listened to this again last night. I had the privelege of hearing this message live in Boulder, Colorado during a Marriage conference that CJ and Carolyn spoke. Really good stuff! Thanks for this and Happy Valentines Day! Hooray for snow! We get to stay home on V-day!

  2. I was fooling around with the template. I wondered what happens if someone is viewing it while I do that. Too funny that it kept changing while you were on. I’m surprised anyone actually sees the blog rather than read it through bloglines or something. 🙂

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