Of Course My Dad Has a Fan Club!!!

These are all the rage! Seriously, if you don’t own a Jim Cannon is my Homeboy shirt, bib, mug, where have you been? Sacha has made a franchise out of it to raise funds for her trip to Russia. Sacha, is there something I am missing that I need to know? Do you have a… Continue reading Of Course My Dad Has a Fan Club!!!


Bella is on her way home!

I am happy to report that Bella is probably in the car on her way home even as I type. She does have the skin flap in the airway disorder that Bri and the boys have, which unfortunately includes pretty serious reflux, but this isn’t a condition that would keep her in the hospital. This… Continue reading Bella is on her way home!


Bella Update

Yesterday Bri found out that Bella will be at Hopkins for at least a week. Part of the reason for this is that they will start from square one, conducting their own tests, interpreting the results of these tests, etc. The testing alone is about a three day process. This was difficult for Lawrence and… Continue reading Bella Update


Continue to Pray for Bella

Please continue to pray for Bella. She was unable to keep the colostrum down, and after further consultation she was transferred to Johns Hopkins hospital last night. I haven’t spoken with Bri since this development, but Jason spoke to Lawrence last night and even though this is getting harder, in true Lawrence and Bri fashion,… Continue reading Continue to Pray for Bella


Bella has Arrived!

Briana had her baby! Isabella Claire was born on February 12th weighing 8lbs. and 5.6oz. After a heroic labor, Bri is recovering well (she’ll give the details on her own blog soon). Please pray for Bella. She was born experiencing respiratory distress, and though she seems to improve each day, she is still in the… Continue reading Bella has Arrived!


Yummy Valentine Pretzels

Today we made heart shaped cinnamon sugar pretzels. These were fun and easy to do. 1. defrost bag of frozen dinner roll dough. (little one inch balls of frozen dough). This takes from two to four hours. 2. roll two balls into strips about 6 inches long (it really can be a little longer or… Continue reading Yummy Valentine Pretzels


Get Ready For Romance

For the married ones of us, if you haven’t heard this teaching by Carolyn Mahaney, it is well- worth the time.  Carolyn courageously goes where few Titus 2 teachers have gone before: straight to the bedroom! This is a teaching on how we can cultivate “Grade A” passion in our marriages. Using the lady from… Continue reading Get Ready For Romance


Quotable Kiddos

On the way home from church yesterday, Maggie was playfully punching her brother on the arm and using her guy voice. One of her other brothers asked, “Mom, why does Maggie sometimes act like a boy?” Another brother immediately answers, “It’s because she plays with Jack so much.” Uh, yeah, I’m sure that’s exactly why!