Our Mutual Friend

our-mutual-friend.jpgI was so happy to read Beth’s movie recommendations. Aren’t you glad to find a worthwhile chick flick once in a while?  Our Mutual Friend is a great movie based on Charles Dickens’ last novel. I am not a huge Dickens fan, but I love the movie adaptations of both Bleak House and Our Mutual Friend.

This movie is slow going initially, and rather dark (like all of the Dicken’s settings). But please hang in there. There is a twist 3/4’s of the way through that is so worth watching. Another bous is that even Jason watched it with me. Hope he doesn’t mind that little tidbit of information flying through the blogosphere. I think he endured because of the mystery involved. This isn’t a typical chick flick, trust me.

Do you have any movie recommendations that are hidden gems?

8 thoughts on “Our Mutual Friend

  1. I have had this one pegged on my Netflix so I am glad you liked it. Love Bleak House.

    My favorite is North and South by Elizabeth Glaskell I did a post on it a long time ago on my blog…it is filed way back under Friday Favorites.

    I also really like Wives and Daughters another Glaskell one.

    The Scarlett Pimpernell is fun too just get the one with Jane Seymore in it.

    Not in the BBC genre but still fun are
    How to Steal a Million
    Throughly Modern Millie
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    Nicholas Nickleby
    The Count of Monte Cristo

  2. I’ll have to look into this one too! My husband loved Bleak House, so he’d probably watch this with me too. I like Dickens movies too, but despite my love of literature, I can’t say I like reading Dickens.

    I used to LOVE the Scarlett Pimpernel, but I saw the old black and white version. How to Steal a Million is fun too, gotta love art stealing movies and Audrey Hepburn! 🙂 I can’t say I cared for Nicholas Nickleby, though.

  3. I was mentioning to you on Sunday that “The Woman in White” is a good movie that I saw on PBS once and is a adaptation of Wilkie Collins’ novel. Collins and Dickens were good friends, and their novels are similar in dark villans, etc. But Collins’ novels are almost all mysteries and even more fantastic (really, this stuff could not happen in real life). But his novels move way faster for me than Dickens. I think there’s a movie of “The Moonstone” too, which I’ve not seen but read. I’m sure Netflicks has them.

  4. Thanks gals. I’m headed to my netflix account now! Won’t Jason just love the line up 🙂 ?

    Bethany, we have the same taste in movies. I just finished the two Glaskell movies you mentioned, and I have lines from the Scarlet Pimpernel (Jane Seymore version) memorized from my younger years when I was obsessed with it.

    “they seek him here, they seek him there;
    those Frenchies seek him everywhere…”

  5. Sounds good. Some of these are old favorites, so seems like we’re all on the same page, makes me anticipate the ones I haven’t seen yet. Thanks for the post!

  6. I just borrowed Beth Kilbane’s “North and South” and I LOVED it! Even Josh liked it. I highly recommend this as a Net Flicks choice! 🙂

  7. I just saw “Our Mutual Friend” and really loved it! The Bel Air library got it in since the last time I checked almost a year ago. They also have “Wives and Daughters” now, so I reserved that. Thanks for the recommendation!

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