Spiritual Musings

Not Much Has Changed

After reading my entry from two years ago, I realize that today is strangely similar. I had a rough night’s sleep last night. I didn’t have much of a quiet time because I woke up when the kids did instead of before them. I felt weak to do life today, just like then. I have had to ask forgiveness several times for impatience and anger.  It is sweet to be reminded in light of these things of the unchanging One.  His mercy is still available today. His forgiveness is still here. His grace to do what I’m called to (whether I feel like it or not) has not diminished. He is what my soul really needs and longs for. He is still the glorious One who never sleeps or slumbers. I am always and ever will be weak, frail, and utterly dependent on Him everyday – whether I realize it or not.  I think I’ll spend some time with Him while the kids go play in the basement.


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