A Silly Little Gift for You

We laughed over this off and on all day yesterday. My cousin Shawn from Las Vegas sent it to us. Go here to enjoy a silly little gift.

7 thoughts on “A Silly Little Gift for You

  1. Isn’t that funny! We did that at work last week. Our director sent this to the whole staff and it was so funny because his head looked like it was made to be on that little elf body. It was very freaky!

  2. It was very funny to watch this silly gift and very enjoyable to read the rest of your blog. I’ll come back because I like to dive into a foreign culture. I’m a Christian French mother and grand mother.My blog is both in French and English and it’s mainly about the Bible pictured in cross stitch, and other topics too. It would be nice to have your visit and comments. God keep you bless you richly and 2007.

  3. Renee, welcome. Hmmm. this probably was an interesting little glimpse into American culture. 🙂 That is my brother’s as the elf. If you knew him, it would be funnier to him. Somehow seeing him do the macarena in green tights just cracked us all up on Christmas day. Anyway, I look forward to looking at your cross stitch.

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