Karyn’s Cake

blog-photos-027.jpgHere’s Karyn’s cake. It is a design that looks like fabric she would like. This is a transfer. I don’t know if I ever told you guys how to do a transfer (transfer an image onto your cake), but if you’re interested, I’ll post steps later.

The original black pattern I did came out poorly and I had to scrape the entire top of the cake off, re-ice, and try this pattern which I think would have looked better in black icing as opposed to black gel, but oh well.  One of my children poked the top with a wooden spoon while I was at the wedding, but this is the “pre-poke” picture.


9 thoughts on “Karyn’s Cake

  1. What I can see of it looks beautiful. And, I saw Karyn last night at the cantata and she said it was gorgeous. Sounded like she really liked it which is what really matters, right!
    Amazed by your creativity and perseverance, girl…pulling out four cakes within a month’s time. What a blessing to the recipients this is, I assure you. 🙂
    Are you doing one for your dad yet, too?

  2. This cake turned out amazing! I think that the black gel icing looks great. You know, with the pale blue color, I’m not sure that you went wrong with the gel to give it a bit of a contrast with color. The matte black icing may have been great as well, but what you chose is perfect in my opinion. Great job! One day I’d love to learn about cake decorating but I’m afraid that I’d eat every bite of what I made which would NOT be good 🙂

  3. Excellent once again!

    I am sure the post-poke picture was just fine, too. But, was Mama? Or said child? 🙂

  4. What I can see is fabulous, dahling. I feel so bad that you had to scrape and redo. What a drag. I am impressed you did this the same weekend as a wedding and cantata. I learned (using the term loosely) transfer with a simple, simple pattern in my Cake Dec 101 class at Michael’s. Yours blows my mind. You have found your niche, sista.

  5. Thanks for all the kudos. You guys are great for that 🙂 !
    About the poked birthday cake…fortunately the child was in bed by the time I found the “modification”. By morning I was fine about it.
    Next time I transfer an image I’ll post the steps.
    Okay gang, what to do for my dad? It’s the big 6-0. I might look around online. the charm city web site gave me inspiration (even though the original was absolutely stunning). the blue with black pattern came from there.

  6. Great cake as always. Katie wanted to know if you make cakes and sell them? Future business…? BTW I did blog my poem. Thanks for the e-mail. It really helped me feel like it was important to blog it. You are a treasure!!!!

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