New Cakes

I have been busy baking. Not Christmas cookies, but birthday cakes. My brother, sister, and Dad all have December birthdays, so I have been and will continue to be a busy girl. I need inspiration for my sister Karyn’s birthday cake. Any ideas?

blog-photos-019.jpg Izzy’s Birthday cake. The design was his idea.

blog-photos-020.jpg blog-photos-021.jpg These are the cakes I made for my brother Jimmy’s Birthday. He is a Mac fanatic. The laptop cake was my first attempt at painting fondant. I wish I would have used store bought fondant, though. My homemade fondant didn’t get as smooth as I would have liked.


11 thoughts on “New Cakes

  1. Cool cakes. Is the brown one a turtle or a Mac logo? I’ve never worked with fondant. I love the look of it.
    So, what are some things that Karyn likes? Besides design. I wish I had a LITTLE girl to make a cake for . I saw an adorable jewelry box cake and thought of Maggie.

  2. Zoanna, it’s not a turtle. does it really look like a turtle to you? The theme was Mac, but the computer cake was only one inch thick like a laptop, so I made a second cake in the shape of the icon for apple/mac computers.

    I’m thinking about trying the topsy turvy cake again for my sister, but using Karyn-esque colors.

  3. I was thinking last night about Karyn’s cake and I wondered how cool/difficult it would be to have a really snazzy flower arrangement as a cake? Like a brushed gold tall vase with long stems of greens and really cool flowers and such coming from the top. That may not even be her, or it may be too hard to do. A purse is a great idea as well. She seems in to accessories. A huge bag with short handles would be a great idea and you could even make it a Louis Vuitton or a Coach bag or something. I know she carries a really cute Coach bag, or did. Anyway, I can’t wait to see what you end up doing!

  4. Very cool! I LOVE the MAC cakes! Awesome job. I could tell they were both MAC cakes too. The footballs is cute as well. You could really start a business someday, Laurie! You’re so talented. Have you ever seen the website for the Charm City Cakes ( You’d find it inspiring.

  5. SooooooRRREEEE! Boy, I read too fast. You said “these are the cakes” (plural) for Jimmy, but I was thinking football (Terps) so then when I saw the brown cake it looks like a bite out of a turtle–as if someone just couldn’t wait for his piece. The apple leaf looked a bit like a turtle head to me, but then again, I live in in Terp country. Okay, now that I’ve probably dug myself in deeper, is there any redeeming my comment? It’s a Mac, it’s a very good chocolate fondant Mac icon, Laurie–and everyone else. :)))))

  6. Thanks for the ideas for my sister’s cake. I probably should have mentioned that the cake is due Sunday right after church, and I’ll be in PA for the wedding all day Saturday. I did find inspiration from the charm city website. I’ll post the picture whether it turns out well or not. The comparison to the charm city cake that inspired it will be good for laughs if nothing else.

    You guys are so kind to think I would be skilled enough to pull off some of your suggestions. 🙂 I know my limitations. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll try anything if I have time. But I know I’m still learning. Beth, I really want to learn to make those realistic gum paste flowers. If I ever get the chance, I’ll take the wilton course.

    Zoanna, you are funny. The chocolate cake is just regular icing (chocolate cream cheese frosting, to be exact). the fondant is on the silver cake.

  7. Okay, it’s not fondant. Good. Good because I was gonna say it looks different, but then I was afraid to say anything at all. I should just get out of Blogland, just get out and bury my head– along with its big and uninformed mouth– in the nearest landfill. And while its buried there I’ll reread James. )The book, not the novelist; I’m only sorry, not masochistic.

    Best of everything for Karyn’s cake. I’ll look but I won’t comment. I am soooo scared to utter a word now.

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