The Tour Continues

Updated Again 🙂 Here are some really beautiful trees to tour in the blogosphere. Danielle’s Christina’s Kate’s Suzanne’s Beth’s  Amy’s Bethany’s also, be sure to look a Bethany’s pics later today of ornaments and lights. This is one seriously talented photographer 🙂 . Ashleigh’s Fishmama’s Zoanna’s I’ll keep updating this as I find out who posts… Continue reading The Tour Continues


Christmas Tree Tour Anyone?

After asking if Kate would post a picture of her Christmas tree, I thought it would be fun to see everybody’s tree.  Would you mind posting a picture, then leaving a comment to let us know.   Well of course my tree has color lights. three different sizes. including the vintage twirl bright lights.  and… Continue reading Christmas Tree Tour Anyone?


Easy, Pretty Ornaments to Make With the Kids

These are the ornaments I made with my kiddos this year.  I stole the idea from Kate who made these each year with her second graders when she was a teacher in the public schools. They are easy enough for children to do, and are very pretty. How to make them: 1. Buy six pack… Continue reading Easy, Pretty Ornaments to Make With the Kids


Karyn’s Cake

Here’s Karyn’s cake. It is a design that looks like fabric she would like. This is a transfer. I don’t know if I ever told you guys how to do a transfer (transfer an image onto your cake), but if you’re interested, I’ll post steps later. The original black pattern I did came out poorly… Continue reading Karyn’s Cake


New Cakes

I have been busy baking. Not Christmas cookies, but birthday cakes. My brother, sister, and Dad all have December birthdays, so I have been and will continue to be a busy girl. I need inspiration for my sister Karyn’s birthday cake. Any ideas?  Izzy’s Birthday cake. The design was his idea.   These are the cakes… Continue reading New Cakes


Right Here Right Now

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Paul Tripp’s new radio program called “Right Here, Right Now”. (don’t worry, I’m still a die hard Desiring God fan). You can listen to Paul Tripp (one of the men from CCEF) online if you go here. Be sure to check out the series called Survival Skills in a Fallen World… Continue reading Right Here Right Now