Household Management!

Containing Clutter…

…is impossible. The truth is, no matter how many rubber maid boxes you buy, or wicker baskets you possess, you simply can’t contain clutter. It is so unruly. Do you have an area that just seems to keep getting out of order? Chances are you may have to do some de-cluttering/ organizing. The following is my method (along with its variations) of de-cluttering/organizing everything from  the junk drawer to the garage (which, by the way, needs a serious de-cluttering).

Four Container Method

Container #1 – trash

Container #2 – give away

Container #3 – belongs in a different room

Container #4 – not quite ready to part with it (put it in a box somewhere out of the way. if you went through the effort to retrieve it, keep it. if after a month or two it still sat in the box, give it away)

The method is simple and unoriginal. Just take these four containers (for me it’s a trash bag for trash, a cardboard box for give away, and a laundry basket for other rooms. I don’t do the fourth container usually because I don’t have a hard time getting rid of stuff) and go systematically through the closet, drawer, room, etc. A big thing is don’t leave the room to just go put something away or throw it away. Do a big space at a time, or a little space. It’s up to you.

Variation #1 : 15 minutes at a time. This is a flylady technique. Just set a timer for fifteen minutes and declutter a little bit at a time. This is to protect you from being overwhelmed or burned out. It really will get finished eventually. I’m not good at this method because I just want to do it till it’s done. I get burned out, but at least it’s over! I am considering this technique though for the garage because I just can’t seem to get motivated about it…it’s overwhelming at this point, so fifteen minutes may be the key…of course at that rate the garage will be finished in about five years, but hey, an orderly garage is a nice thing.

Variation #2: one container at a time. Go through the kitchen, for example, just with a trash bag one day and throw away everything that is trash. The next day go through and look for objects to get rid of. The next day, look for what belongs in another room of the house. The last day go through and see if there are items you might want to get rid of but aren’t sure.

Now, I know that all of you organized types have tons of fun helpful hints for how to de-clutter and organize an area. Please, please, please, comment away!

Next we will talk about menu planning.

 Also, is anyone else having trouble with WordPress deleting posts when you click “publish”? I am also having trouble with posting photos? Is it me? or is it WordPress?

10 thoughts on “Containing Clutter…

  1. Man, I have tons of trouble with it. They (wordpress) regularly do not publish my posts (once a week) and it’s either deleted somehow or I end up seeing it as a draft. They do this with photos or without. Usually, with photos, you can find them in some kind of photo bank when you go and add more photos. All of a sudden, they are there and you didn’t even realize you had like 11 pictures there to choose from. You can delete this comment when you finish reading it!

  2. Thanks for the idea. My homeschool room is a sight. I’ll have to try it!

    I have also had problems with WordPress. I found that if I saved the title first (and it took) then saved as I went along, I didn’t loose my whole post. Sometimes I also wrote on a word document then transfered it over. But pictures were why I switched back to Blogger.

  3. Thankfully I didn’t have any posts deleted (that I know of…it’s been a while since I’ve looked back) but I love Beta Blogger. I use Picasa2 to organize my pictures. When I want to use one in a blog, there’s a nifty button at the bottom of screen that says “Blog this!” and so I do. Very easy. The other thing I’m wondering is if there’s a feature that lets people’s comments come to my email inbox. That was really cool about WP.

    About the decluttering, I find the 4-container method most helpful for a smallish area (closet or kitchen cabinets). I find the 15-min method really helpful for motivation. The fun thing is I am usually motivated to continue past 15 minutes, but if not, I have reached a small goal, which is better than reaching no goal, right?

    I also like the 27-thing Fling for just going through the house looking for “stuff” to pitch when I’m in the mood. I am wondering if the natural declutterers out there just laugh and say, “method? What do you mean method? I just do it. ” (And I sigh. )

  4. I’m seriously considering going back to blogger. And of course, literally within weeks of my switching to wordpress, blogger adds beta which has categories (right Zo?). I do love the blog stats and the consistency of getting my comments via e-mail (blogger did that with a few but not all so I found myself checking too much). I hate to change addresses again, but losing a post is really annoying.

  5. Hmm, I’ve had no problems with anything as far as wordpress goes. I always save a lot though, but if you’re talking about loosing a post when you publish, I have no idea how that happens! Yikes! I’ve lost no posts and haven’t had a problem with pictures. The only thing I miss about blogger was messing with the html. Blogger beta does have categories, though.

  6. Danielle, and others, I contacted WordPress and the guy said there was some virus they’re trying to find that is causing the posts to delete. He suggested saving frequently,which explains why you haven’t had trouble. as to the pictures, it is simply my stupidity that is hindering me 🙂 .
    BTW WordPress is amazing about getting back to you immediately, patiently, and graciously when you have any questions.

  7. Hmm, if it’s virus related it also may be PC related. I use a MAC which means it doesn’t get as many virus, and also use Firefox, which also has good protection against internet virus. Firefox can be used downloaded for PC or MAC and I highly recommend it.

  8. Danielle, he said many people are complaining of this and that wordpress is trying their best to figure out the source of the virus. I will take your advice on firefox. thanks.

  9. I haven’t had problems on the bookclub I do on wordpress but I have my personal blog on blogger beta and I do like the picture and html control over there. The pictures are a pain in wordpress to get sized and there are too many steps to them I like bloggers version better. But other than that WP has been great for the book club.

    Okay I need someone to come help me detach from my clutter. I always think I can use it or so and so gave it to me or the boys so I am sentimental. I do need to have someone else come over and slap some sense into me…but I am embarrassed to ask and AFRAID. HEE HEE.

  10. I love using the box method. I did a major clean out in my room during the summer and the box thing was SO helpful.

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