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Double Blogging

Rather than post my latest spiritual musings here on Ordinary Mother, I posted them over on Chick Chat, the staff wives of Chesapeake Community Church‘s blog. If you’re interested, read it here. It is called Brass Plaques. 

5 thoughts on “Double Blogging

  1. Oh, Laurie, what a beautiful, beautiful post in memory of Scott,Samuel and others who’ve received their crowns before us, including your grandparents and aunt Cathy. Thank you. It touched me this morning.

  2. Laurie,
    Beautiful post. Great scripture. Loved the picture! Most importantly felt the love. Thank you my friend. We have felt God’s love all day today. We have spent great time in fellowship and remembrance today. It continues for the weekend. We are going away til Monday with my family (the 4 of us) and my niece’s family and my nephew and his wife. My mom’s b-day is sunday so we all wanted to be away together to “celebrate” her. God is good and we are blessed.

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