Household Management!

Declutter in Action

Three containers: trash, give away, goes elsewhere (where’s the rest of my photo?) Before picture of my side of the vanity. Goal: be able to store my makeup bag under the sink instead of beside it on the counter. Three containers filled. (what is with the half a picture thing?!) After picture. (no judging about… Continue reading Declutter in Action


Creative Dinner Menu Planning

There was a time in the not to distant past when every woman of the house created a menu for the family meals. With the availability of convenience foods, dollar menu at McDonalds, and delivery for pizza or Chinese food, this tradition of planning meals ahead of time has taken a bit of a hit in… Continue reading Creative Dinner Menu Planning

Household Management!

3 Container Method for Kids

Just thought of this to add to my four container method. I use a variation of this for my kids when they clean the basement which is where their toys are. (We will talk about toy storage down the road, but I though this fit better here.) By the way, if you send a group… Continue reading 3 Container Method for Kids

Household Management!

Containing Clutter…

…is impossible. The truth is, no matter how many rubber maid boxes you buy, or wicker baskets you possess, you simply can’t contain clutter. It is so unruly. Do you have an area that just seems to keep getting out of order? Chances are you may have to do some de-cluttering/ organizing. The following is… Continue reading Containing Clutter…

Miscellaneous · Spiritual Musings

Double Blogging

Rather than post my latest spiritual musings here on Ordinary Mother, I posted them over on Chick Chat, the staff wives of Chesapeake Community Church‘s blog. If you’re interested, read it here. It is called Brass Plaques. 


We Remember

Today is the anniversary of Scott Bishop’s death. Donna writes the detailed story of his death, the church’s ministry to their family, and God’s glory woven throughout. Read about it here.