One Extra Hour

We turn clocks back tonight. What had been a huge blessing for many years turned into something I dreaded for three or four. That extra hour is great, unless your little children take a few weeks to adjust and you take only a few days. And believe me, it didn’t matter if I kept them up long the night before or not. That never has resulted in my early risers sleeping in…ever!  That extra hour with them at that time of the day never felt like much of a blessing.

Now that they can all read the clock, that extra hour is back to being a blessing. They know not to come down until 7 a.m. and though I feel badly about that long hour for them, their bodies adjust so much faster now. 

What to do with an extra hour?! 

Here are a few ideas (you have to scroll down to the bottom).

 So tell me, what are you going to do with an extra hour?


13 thoughts on “One Extra Hour

  1. I hadn’t actually thought about what I’d do with my extra hour. Probably hang out a little bit longer with Ken and Cheryl tonight!

  2. I hope to make a fall wreath for my door and my sister Rachel’s. She’s in from TX and leaves Tues morning. If she has room in her suitcase I’ll send it with her. Otherwise I’ll show it to her here and then mail it.

    If that bombs, I’ll try sewing Sarah’s bedroom curtains. They are actually several hand towels I found on clearance at the Ugly Store in her colors (lime green, deep purple, bright turquoise) and I’ve been procrastinating.

  3. If what you say is true for MY early risers, I will probably get up an hour earlier, so that I can have a “moment” before all hands are on deck.

    I wonder what happens if you have a baby on the night the clocks change?

  4. hmm, I’ll still have early risers as well….but thank you for reminding me about turning the clocks, I had NO idea that it was tonight 🙂

  5. I actually have been dreading tonight for the first time ever in my life. I am a girl who truly appreciates sleep and have watched that idol ripped right out from under me after having a baby! Go figure. I know everyone said it would happen so it really shouldn’t be a surprise. But, what used to be one of my favorite things about this season just may turn into yet another test of my ability to “go with the flow”. (Is that trait actually natural for some people? 🙂 Soak it in, Laurie. You’ve paid your dues girl! It’s time this extra hour becomes a blessing again! All this to say, I’ve made zero plans for tonight in an effort to try to minimize my expectations!

  6. While I might not get an “extra hour” tonight, I still prefer this to Spring when I lose what seems like more than a few hours! 🙂

  7. Well gang with little ones, how did it go?
    We spent our extra hour going out for breakfast this morning. It was a unique morning in that the extra hour and Jason not leading worship happened on the same day! We even got to church early. Wonderful! 🙂

  8. that’s geat! Chad let me sleep in while he took care of the children! We actually had a big family party (Chad’s side) at 12 noon at Friendly Farms so we didn’t go to church 😦

  9. I got my two wreaths made last night, and went to bed at 10:30. When 10:30 came, I was so refreshed and ready to get up. So I did, and asked Sarah if she’d mind bathing Joel and getting him ready if I went to intercessory prayer. She grunted “fine” (and later said he was really good for her). Paul and I got to church early, too–8:20 ! I love that, sitting in the nursing mom’s room reading and listening to the worship team thru the audio feed.

  10. Went to bed at 9:30 on the “new time” but got up at my regular time 6. The littlest one actually slept late but that may be because he had crawled into our bed at 4 am. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to church any earlier than normal. But, I am EXHAUSTED and it is only 9 pm right now!

  11. Our extra hour was taken up with Josh preparing for worship (I almost whoreship, oops!! Glad I caught that one!) But we actually got to bed “early” because we gained an hour! Nice! Usually I don’t look forward to “Fall Back” because for me it means it’s dark when I leave work which makes me feel like I have no time when I get home.

    After a busy day helping to host a bridal shower (my cake was a yummy hit, Laurie) we were exhausted by the time we got home, at just 8:30!!! We’re so old . . .

  12. Arizona stays the same all year long… however no one told my 20 month old son this and he randomly got up at 5:30am yesterday! Thankfully we were back to normal 7am time this morning 🙂

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