The Gospel and Housework

Before we get practical about home management for the mommy years, I just want to remind myself and whoever else may need it of one thing. Whether you are a “cleanie” a “messie” or both depending on the day, our peace cannot come from whether or not we did our to-do list, were successful at organizing, or kept the kitchen clean. At the end of everyday, our peace and righteousness comes from one place alone: Jesus’ finished work on the Cross. Only One walked on the earth doing everything He was called to do. And on that list that included fasting for 40 days, healing the sick, teaching the multitudes, walking in every work set forth every single day was His death on a cross. And because Jesus said, “Not my will but Yours be done,” every sin we ever committed, are committing, and will commit has been paid for by Christ; and every bit of righteousness that Jesus walked in has been placed on us. This is the only source of peace and righteousness.

2 thoughts on “The Gospel and Housework

  1. Laurie, Thank you for the practicalness of that truth. Even working in an office, I tend to get lost in my lists and what I did or did not get done. In the end its about what God has called me to and what He is working in me.

    Thank you for taking time to remind us simply of this massive and life changing truth.

  2. Amen, sister. I really needed this. Coming from not a “cleanie” or a “messie” but a NEATIE 🙂

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