Prayer Request

If you think of it, could you please pray for me? I have the privilege of teaching at our ladies’ meeting tonight at church. Please pray that God would use this earthen vessel to minister to these precious women. I will be doing a workshop on home management for the “mommy” years which will include a section on why we do what we do and then a more practical component for how we do what we do.

10 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. I’ll pray for you if you pray for me . . . (just kidding).

    Seriously though, I feel prepared for my talk, but feel like I haven’t prayed enough for the ladies I’ll be giving it too, and that my words would be grace-filled and the result would be a renewed joy and purpose in hospitality. (My talk is for singles and is on hospitality.)

  2. Could you please define the “mommy years”? Am in them, past them, or what? I’m thinking that with all the built-in help I have , I am probably past the age limit. Who will be speaking to the over 40 and both Mom and MOmmy and not single?

  3. well, I didn’t hear about it until after you spoke…but I figure, God is eternal/outside time–so He sees my prayer right now even before you spoke! I pray right now that He filled you with His Spirit and gave you words to speak–that He used you to pour out grace on the women last night–and trust that He did just that already!

    I would love to see your notes AND Danielle’s! hope they’re forthcoming!

  4. I am truly overwhelmed by the kindness of all of you praying for me. I believe the ladies were blessed and ministered to as a result of God’s grace alone. Thank you so much for praying for me.

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