A Simple Request

I am teaching a workshop later this month about home organization for the “mommy years”. In an effort to serve these ladies, I am compiling an appendix which includes simple recipes for busy mommies.

What do/did you make while you are/were pregnant, potty training, and picking up cheerios?

If you have too much to fit in my comment box, would you consider writing a post and telling me you did so?

Thanks gals!


12 thoughts on “A Simple Request

  1. Beanies and Weanies with mac ‘n cheese from a box. Got your meat, protein, and starch on one plate.

    Fish sticks (real, not minced fish), mac ‘n cheese, canned green beans.

    Bean burritos (just slapped refried beans on a tortilla and cheese if they like it).

    Breakfast for dinner a lot. Pancakes, eggs, sausage or bacon or just Eggo waffles and eggs.

  2. I’ll start by echoing Zoanna, breakfast for dinner is fab! Pancakes, French Toast, Waffles, etc.
    Mac & Cheese with it’s millions of variations. Our top favorites are Taco mac (leftover taco meat + mac) and Chili Mac (1 can chili + 2 boxes mac) and ocassionally Tuna Mac (can of tuna, mac & peas).
    Kraftfoods.com has got a bunch of quick & easy recipies and I subscribe to their free magazine that comes in the mail, it’s always easy & inspiring.
    Pizza, of course, in it’s many forms. If I am going to make it from scratch I use pre-made bread stick dough.
    Tuna Toasties – 2 cans tuna, some mayo and maybe a little pickle relish or shredded cheese, mix it up and spread on slices of bread/bun/english muffin, top with sliced cheese and heat in the oven.
    I also do a lot of quick-cook meals with meat, like stir-fry and cheese-steak, grilled meats. I buy a packet of pre-mixed marinade to help me with variety, I start it marinating sometime in the afternoon and then just pound the meat thin and grill it and serve it with baby carrots or apple sauce or something else. I have a griddle/grill plate that goes over two of my burners so I can grill right in my kitchen. Of course simple pasta dishes like spaghetti & alfredo are a staple. Hope this helps!
    So glad you’re back, I’ve missed reading your blog!

  3. Love my crockpot!

    pot roast
    enchilada casserole
    Italian sausages in red sauce

    Our kids are happiest with simple and plain: buttered noodles, Peanut Butter Chicken (see Nov archives of Fishboys), pizza, potstickers and rice, tostadas, tacos, burritos

  4. Jessica,
    Could you post your enchilada casserole recipe, and italian sausages in red sauce?

    It’s great to be back, gang! I missed you guys, though I did catch up on blog reading about half way through September.

  5. For crazy Sunday mornings w/ baby — Hardboil some eggs Saturday afternoon. You get the protein with no AM prep. Add a bagel.

    Make double and freeze half whenever possible.

    Chicken ceasar Salad: Cooked chicken (frozen from earlier, leftover from grilling or baking…) Lettuce of choice, dressing. Serve a slice of bread on the side.

    Chicken Garlic Linguini: In a big frying pan heat a few Tbsp olive oil, garlic to taste, a little crushed red pepper, dash salt/pepper, 1 cup chicken broth. Add 2-3 breasts worth chopped cooked chicken (again, leftovers from the freezer) and simmer while you cook linguini. Toss

  6. Laurie,
    Here is a recipe that we all still love. Remember mom’s in all seasons are busy and love easy recipes. I love the crock pot. When my kids were small I worked full time and life was busy. My crock pot was always full of something. I also like to put Prego spaghetti sauce in the crock pot with cooked ground beef. It simmers all day and the flavor is wonderful. Just toss in your favorite pasta cooked and serve. My kids love salad always have. So I have ready to eat bags of salad on hand all of the time. You can toss salad with lots of stuff and it is yummy.
    Another absolute favorite was. Mac and meat. My version of hamburger helper. Ground beef cooked and mixed with box mac and cheese. I would add velvetta or shredded cheddar so it was more cheesy. This was what Scott would always ask for for his birthday dinner.

    Hope this helps. Maybe you could do a post and share some of the recipes you get. Welcome back I have missed reading your blog!

    Swiss Chicken Casserole.
    This is for a crock pot.
    6-chicken breast,boneless and skinless
    6-slices of swiss cheese
    1-can cream of mushroom soup
    1/4-cup milk
    2-cups herb stuffing
    1/2-cup butter melted

    Spray crock-pot with cooking spray. Arrange chicken breast in crock-pot. Top with swiss cheese,layering cheese if necessary. Combine soup and milk; stir well. Spoon over cheese; top with stuffing. Cook on low 8-10 hours or high 4-6 hours.

  7. Since I’ll be missing your talk Laurie, could I get a copy of your notes when they’re done? One can’t have too many simple recipes, especially for this girl who walks in the door at 6:30 pm every night. And I have trouble cooking simple!

  8. I just posted about Farmers Market Dinners. This is something that I’ve done with my kids since they were 1 1/2 or 2. They still love it and it is pretty simple.

    I hope you post about your talk. It sounds great!

  9. There really isn’t a recipe for either of those two things…

    Last week, I took uncooked Italian sausages and placed them in the crockpot with 2 cups of pasta sauce and a little water. I let them simmer all day on low. The sausage cooks in the sauce and both share their flavors with each other. Then, I served it with cooked pasta and spaghetti squash (I am trying to teach everyone to like it cause I do.)

    The enchilada in the crockpot is
    12 corn tortillas
    grated cheese
    1-2 cans of black beans, drained
    enchilada sauce (my fave is Las Palmas Red)
    cooked ground meat.

    Layer all those ingredients starting with sauce and ending with cheese. Cook on low for 4 hours.

  10. A new favorite for us (and VERY easy):
    Salsa Chicken (also heard it called Mexicali Chicken)
    *place boneless/skinless chicken breasts in baking dish
    *sprinkle salt and pepper over chicken
    *dump a jar of medium salsa over chicken
    *place a thick layer of colby/jack cheese over all *bake at 350 for 40-45 min. uncovered

    serve with yellow rice or black beans and rice.

    I’ve used packaged Spanish rice, Mahatma yellow rice and white Minute rice; all have worked beautifully.

    Another EASY and quick baked chicken recipe:

    *place boneless/skinless chicken breasts in baking dish
    *sprinkle chicken with salt and pepper
    *pour/spread a can of cream of celery soup (or cream of mushroom. either works fine) over chicken.
    *pour/spread a can of cream of chicken soup over chicken/celery soup
    *bake at 350 for 35 (or so) minutes or until done. Covered makes more juice.

    Serve over white rice with microwaved broccoli as a side dish. Reheats well.

    And lastly, for those nights when you’re really desperate and you have practically nothing in the pantry/frig…
    Ham and Egg Souffle
    2 eggs
    1 cup milk
    3/4 cup flour
    8 oz. cubed monterey jack cheese
    4 oz. cubed ham

    Mix first three ingredients and pour into a greased pie pan. Drop cheese and ham on top of egg mixture. Bake at 400 for 30 minutes.

    I’ve used deli ham, no ham, broccoli florets, green pepper, shredded cheese, american cheese slices cut up, and probably a handful of other substitutions in desperation. It always comes out great. Truly a no-fail meal for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

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