Never A Dull Moment!

Never a dull moment could be our family’s motto. Here we have “da twinz” performing a lip sync of a Caedman’s Call tune. I haven’t laughed so hard in…well, since their last antics. Yes, my kids keep me on my knees like nothing else, but my kids also keep me laughing like nothing else! (Pictures… Continue reading Never A Dull Moment!


Getting to the Good Stuff

I would be remiss if I left this little reading series without including the most important books to cultivate the habit of reading for besides the Bible, godly books. Interestingly, just last week Bob Kauflin wrote a post about reading as well. He quotes puritan pastor,  Richard Baxtor. “Every congregation cannot hear the most judicious… Continue reading Getting to the Good Stuff


Un-Christian Non-Fiction

It was revelational to me as a mother. I have three boys and none of them would choose to sit down and read a good book unless I imposed it on them. My way of manipulating helping them cultivate a habit of reading is to say at 8pm as they’re climbing into bed, “you can… Continue reading Un-Christian Non-Fiction