Dazzled By God

What I wrote yesterday is related to a wonderful teaching by Ted Tripp entitiled Dazzled by God from a series called A Case For Kids that he and his brother, Paul recorded. The teachings begin with a biblical framework for parenting, continue by addressing goals of parenting various age groups, and end with this fantastic teaching on the importance of helping our worshiping children behold the glory of God. The last teaching is my favorite.

Tedd Tripp wrote Shepherding a Child’s Heart which is an outstanding parenting book. The audio series  Case for Kids contains similar content, but the advantage is you can listen to it while you do the dishes, tidy the familyroom, etc.

One last thing, this book and this teaching will have a wonderful way of ministering to you, and helping you “shepherd your own heart” in addition to envisioning and equipping you to do the same for the precious children God has blessed or will bless you with


One thought on “Dazzled By God

  1. Our church showed the DVD series in the spring. (They did it years ago and thought it was time to reshow it.) We really enjoyed it. It definitely helped shepherd my heart.

    Tedd Tripp is coming to our church in the spring.

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