Rambling and Random

Now if that’s not a compelling title, I don’t know what is! ūüôā

First, I want to explain why I haven’t been writing much lately. My children are at summer camp during the day all week and it gives me precious time to meet with ladies, get ready for school, and do some organizing around the home-front. without¬†my precious little distractions. ¬†So that’s what I’ve been up to on the days following the conference.

Second, I¬†wrote¬†a lengthy reflection on the Worship Conference but it disappeared when I refreshed my computer. So I am just going to say that because all of us are worshippers by nature (if not of God than of some created thing), the teachings from the main sessions are highly relevant, and worth purchasing the set for. My top picks if you are looking for something easily applicable to wife and motherhood are Bob Kauflin’s¬†teaching on Pursuing the Active Presence of God.¬†Most helpful in Bob’s teaching for me was the first section on¬†cultivating “desperate dependence” on¬†God. ¬†A whole group of moms just thought, “yeah, desperate dependence…that’s about right!”¬† ¬†Also, Randy Alcorn’s extremely practical (if you can believe it) teaching on Heaven, is a must¬†as well. It¬†provides a¬†more concrete view of heaven, as well as connects our lives here to what the Bible says about our future.¬†¬†Finally, and perhaps my personal favorite was a workshop by Don Shorey called Igniting Your Passion for God. Don defines passion, helps us discern our passions, then shows how to pursue passion for God by walking us through a passage in Isaiah.

If you haven’t heard, Steve and Vikki Cook recently released a cd called Before the Throne¬†of various songs they have written sung by Vikki. All I can say is that when I find myself sobbing during a worship song, chances are it has been written by this gifted couple. The new album has a soothing feel to it. It includes wonderful songs like Before the Throne, O Wondrous Love, a cool Nickel¬†Creek-ish version of Lord, You’re So Good To Me, and a few new songs that are absolutely wonderful. My kids were silent the entire way to camp as we listened to it on Monday…now if that’s not an endorsement, I don’t know what is.

Finally, I have a little “helpful hint” to pass along. I like using a table cloth at the dinner table, but don’t like washing it¬†every time we have dinner. I find the vinyl cloths lacking for decor.¬† I couldn’t find a high quality clear table covering anywhere. There were really thin ones at the dollar store, but I knew they would only last a day or two with my group. I think it was my sister who recommended a clear shower curtain. I put my lovely table cloth on first, cover it with my shower curtain and voila! it works like a charm. I get the beauty of a¬†cloth table covering¬†with the wipe-ability of a vinyl one.

So there you have it! Seriously random, and definitely rambling.

3 thoughts on “Rambling and Random

  1. Yeah, Josh and I loved the “Nickel Creek-ish” version of “Lord, You‚Äôre So Good To Me.” I also loved “God Reigns in the Storm” and especially “Be Still and Know.” That one was particularly powerful to me.

  2. Uh yea, that was a little random. I’m glad you posted I was missing you. I have started reading Randy Alcorn’s book about Heaven, Jim really enjoyed his sermon on the topic. So far the book is very interesting, I never realized how many questions I had about heaven until I started reading about it.

  3. Thanks for the table cloth idea. I have had the same problem with my table cloths getting messed up. My “kids” are all grown and the problem is still there. Go figure. I would love to “hear” the new CD since that is not an option right now I will take your word for it. I like Karen am glad you are back. I missed you also!

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