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Longing for Autumn

autumnThese days of heat wave followed by slightly cooler temps make me long for autumn.  Here are a few of my favorite fall things:

  1. seeing my kids in hoodies
  2. baking with apples and pumpkins
  3. changing colors of the leaves
  4. starting school (technically it’s still summer, but feels like part of autumn)

What about you? What do you look forward to most about autumn?

image:Autumn Vegetables by Susan Clickner



19 thoughts on “Longing for Autumn

  1. I look forward to wearing hoodies, jeans and flip-flops; watching Sunday afternoon football, EVERY Sunday; and knowing that my nephew will be born at the end of fall!

  2. The weather getting cool enough to make/eat chili and hearty soups, pulling out my jeans, the crisp coolness in the air, drinking hot chocolate. It’s been a long, long time since I was in school, but I always loved get new school shoes for Fall!

  3. I like when it starts to get dark just a little earlier, I like cooking dinner when it’s getting feels so cozy. I also like Fall foods like soups and stews and baking, which I don’t do in the summer. Also a big fan of the cardigan sweater!

  4. I like the smells that come with Fall. I like campfires and having a brisk chill on your cheeks. I like caramel apples and fresh apple cider. I like the football games. Its almost here!!

  5. Josh and I were just saying yesterday that it was starting to feel like autumn. The way the sun’s glow has changed and the sound of cicadas are the signs I look for.

    I also can’t wait for jeans, sweaters, and flip-flops, baking, cool weather and changing leaves, and our vacation to Maine in Sept. And this year, we’re starting some huge projects on our house when we get back from vacation! I can’t wait for that!

  6. I look forward to getting out our fall decorations, making flower arrangements for the front door with leaves, and a cornicopia for the table with fall gourds and produce. I also love being able to get out the sweaters. But here in California, we don’t really get Autumn like you do on the East Coast. We are usually wearing shorts up into November!

  7. I love the smell of autumn. I love the “orgasm of the eyes” from seeing trees in a vast array of deep and bright colors. (That was a friend’s husband’s expression and it works!) I love trying new soup recipes, lighting new apple and pumpkin candles, smelling the smoke from neighboring chimneys, and watching my Golden retriever play in a huge mound of leaves that perfectly match her coat. I love opening new school books and quilting in earth-tone fabrics.

  8. Fall is our whole family’s favorite time of year.

    1. getting outdoors before it’s too cold.
    2. apple picking, apple pies, caramel apple crowns
    3. movie nights
    4. pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie
    5. hot soup, good bread and a glass of red wine
    6. and, of course, this year FishChick on Nov 11 or thereabouts.

  9. The “cooler” weather recently made me think of fall, too. 🙂 I think fall is my favorite season, and there are so many things to look forward to. I love decorating for fall even more than Christmas. I love sitting outside on a cool evening in a light sweatshirt or long sleeved top with a cup of tea and my hubby or friends. I love playing in the leaves. I love driving to Western PA or WV through the mountains just as the leaves hit their peak color. I love hayrides, bonfires, hot chocolate. I love going to my mom’s where there’s always something yummy baking or already baked. I love all the fall activities you can do and especially now with kiddos. All of the fall stuff is just more fun doing it with the boys.

  10. Ahhh…back to a “normal” schedule in our household. That means kids to bed at an earlier hour, supper at supper time (not 9PM because we were outside working w/ 4H animals) and relative organization. I also am ready for the gorgeous golden hues of fall sunsets;something we enjoy in NM.

  11. This fall, I’m looking forward to watching my friend’s pregnant belly grow as she was told she would probably never conceive. Isn’t God amazing?

  12. Fishmama, my birthday is November 11. Not quite as exciting as having a baby on that day, but hey… Also, what are caramel apple crowns?

    Suzanne, that’s fantastic news for your friend. God is amazing.

    I love what everyone said. I can’t wait for Autumn! 🙂

  13. Apple Crowns are super yummy! Use an apple corer/slicer. (The thing that cuts it into 8 slices.) Remove the core. Pour on caramel sauce, shoot on some whipped cream. Top with chopped nuts and a cherry.

    If my doctor “lets” me, maybe you and the Fishchick will have the same bday.

    (BTW, did you get my email? Looking forward to seeing y’all!)

  14. Danielle, i just noticed you aren’t on my blogroll anymore. you were the first one I added. I’ll put you back in under “creative, smart, and beautiful inside and out”.

    The rollover is automatic when you fill in the description. 🙂

  15. Laurie,
    Wow what alot of comments. Fall is my favorite time of year. Ever since I was little I loved it. After Nov. 1,2002 I started dreading it. Reading all of these comments has been good for me to remember why I loved it so. The chill in the air, anything cooked with apples, pumpkin pie or cheesecake, the beauty as the leaves change. All of it is so wonderful and such a reminder of Gods goodness and glory. Thanks for this post. I am actually looking forward to fall!!!

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