Answering a Few Why’s

housewifeWhydid I switch to Word Press for my blog? Originally I switched so I could organize my posts into categories. I have written hundreds of posts by now, and I am glad to put them in some sort of order. It is taking me a while to categorize my old posts, but once it’s done, I will be able to access them easily. I have found the staff at Word Press to be very accessible. If I have any questions I can either find the answers in a forum, or just send them an e-mail.

The disadvantage to Word Press is that you can’t really get to your html to edit it. On the one hand, if you have no idea what html is – Word Press is easier to use. But if you like adding things to your sidebar like a shoutbox or a poll – it is hard to do with Word Press. They are constantly updating what they offer, though.

Why the fifties stuff? I’ve just always loved the ideaof the fifties housewife, the decor, the clothes. It is simply nostalgia. I collect antiques and retro reproductions from this time era for my kitchen. I’m the “retro” girl in the family. I like fifties for the kitchen, and sixties & seventies accessories for my family room. I found these funky amber ashtrays at a yard sale that I hang on the wall as art, and I recently bought a lazy suzan with serving compartments in orange and white.

Why am I telling you this? Because a number of people have asked me why the switch, and commented on the fifties stuff 🙂 .

I am happy with Word Press so far. I still love blogger, it’s just that I wanted categories, and the other options I found once I got here convince me it’s better for my purposes as well. 


3 thoughts on “Answering a Few Why’s

  1. I like the look of your new site…it’s very streamlined w/the gray & white. I also like the 50s stuff. It reminds me of book illustrations from when I was a little girl.
    I hope you don’t mind me lurking around- It has been a joy for me to read you and your friends blog lives. Since I live so far from anywhere I lack in the area of female frindships and this has really given me a feeling of “girlfriend-hood”.
    Thanks- Rachelle

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