Light Fare

I am grateful for the responses from yesterday about your “catapult” into reading. Because I never read much as a child, I missed out on the whole Little House series. Last year, believe it or not was my first time reading through the entire series, and I think it is wonderful. I have a whole… Continue reading Light Fare


The Catapult

My catapult into a love for reading was Victorian classics. These are girly books for the most part. What sets them apart for me is the travel back in time and theinsight into human character these writers had. Whether it was in the disclosure of a thought, a witty exchange, or simply a description of a… Continue reading The Catapult


Learning to Love Reading

I haven’t always been a reader. I was never a “book worm” as a child, and in fact, even though I have a degree in English, I really did not cultivate a habit for reading until the end of my college education. My husband was never a reader either. Now, since we’ve been married, he has… Continue reading Learning to Love Reading


Dazzled By God

What I wrote yesterday is related to a wonderful teaching by Ted Tripp entitiled Dazzled by God from a series called A Case For Kids that he and his brother, Paul recorded. The teachings begin with a biblical framework for parenting, continue by addressing goals of parenting various age groups, and end with this fantastic… Continue reading Dazzled By God


Future Worship Leader

Generally, I won’t be your go-to girl for parenting advice. My shortcomings in mothering help confirm that if there is ever an area I should not try to “teach” about it is about how to raise children. Trust me, this isn’t false modesty. I am so grateful for the various “go-to” folks around me, as… Continue reading Future Worship Leader


Cake Decorating 101: the icing on the cake!

Before I begin, let’s talk about icing. Here are few things to know: 1. Even though you can get clear vanilla extract from Wilton in order to keep your icing pure white, I prefer the taste of 100% pure vanilla extract. 2. When making a cake like this, it is harder to work with real… Continue reading Cake Decorating 101: the icing on the cake!