yummy food fast

cookingOne of our favorite quick lunch/dinners lately has been “chicken wraps”. You just find whatever chicken you have (leftovers, chicken nuggets, pre-cooked buffalo chicken strips are yummy), make sure it’s off the bone. Heat it in the microwave . Then you take a warm flour tortilla, put ranch dressing, lettuce, and the chicken and roll it up. Voila! chicken wrap. You could get much more elaborate, but trust me, this tastes fine as is, and makes a nice alternative to yet another sandwich! I stole this from my good friend Cathy, who although she’s a gourmet, isn’t too fancy for chicken wraps.

3 thoughts on “yummy food fast

  1. Sounds good to me! Hey, I LOVE your new place. The 50s clip art is SO you. I love the categories on the sidebar. How hard was it to switch everything over. I am just not a techie girl whatsoever. Could I make the leap?

  2. Zoanna, the categories are what brought me here, but there is so much fun to be had! It is easy. just sign up for a wordpress blog. follow the steps. then if you like what you see, I’ll tell you how to get your stuff from blogger to wordpress. it’s easy.

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