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Linen Storage

I finally tamed the beast…my linen closet. And I will admit to the fact that several times yesterday I opened my organized linen and just stood there admiring it. Sweet order…even if only for a little while.

While I was working I remembered one of my favorite organization tips found in one of the many home management books I read during a strange obsession.This obsession was more with the books than the actual organizing, but still, there were a few things I did adapt that have made my life easier. One of them is how to keep your bed linens organized.

Fold your fitted sheet, top sheet, and other pillow case (if there are two) , stack them, and put them inside the other pillow case. It’s like a little pouch. When you go to make a bed you just pull out the linen pouch and voila! it’s all there. It doesn’t look perfect, but it sure beats trying to track down the matching miscellaneous linens, and it definitely looks better than my version of folded fitted sheet.

Here’s what it looks like in real life.

7 thoughts on “Linen Storage

  1. Well, I somehow deleted my commented before publishing it. I was saying that I use your tip (given by your mom at that ladies’ mtg) when we vacation. I tie a knot in the pillowcase to make a carry handle, Upon arrival at the condo, I hand each person his set and say, “Here ya go, sweetie.”

    Your linen closet is picturesque. I went thru the top 3 shelves of mine in this dejunking contest. It’s not photo-worthy yet; I still have 2 more shelves.

  2. Like the other ladies, I have used this tip since your mom mentioned it, too! 🙂
    You are just choc-full of good ideas. thanks for always passing them onto the rest of us.
    ANd, I’m so glad you got the closet organized. I would have stood and admired it, too.

  3. I have a strange obsession with staring and marveling at my organization. Mine is more like trying to take it all in before it goes awry again!

  4. Someday when I make it to Abingdon, I’m going to visit all y’all’s linen closets!

    I thought I had read all the organization books ever written (I do more reading than organizing), but I missed this tip. Thanks for sharing – that is a good one.

    Now if only the builders had remembered to put the linen closet in this house…..

  5. First off…this is hysterical. Secondly, I think we have the same sheets!

    I’m going to try this b/c honestly, I cannot fold a fitted sheet. When they come out of the dryer, I practically roll them in a squareish ball and shove them in the closet!

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