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You know you have brothers when…

…your mother asks you to get her a screw driver and you say, “flat head?”

…you bring your mother a live frog and say, “isn’t he cute?” (yeah, no problem kissing frogs for my little princess).

…you come upstairs and calmly tell mommy, “I think I have a bug behind my ear.” then proceed to remove a tick and hand it to her. (I have heart palpitations just typing this. I’m okay with all bugs and spiders except for ticks. Ugh!!! and yes, I called the pediatrician about the possibility of lyme’s disease and she said because it didn’t embed itself -ew!- she should be fine…but I’m still checking her body nightly for a red bull’s eye mark).

That’s my girlie!


3 thoughts on “You know you have brothers when…

  1. Ewww, ticks!!!

    Being in the same role as Maggy (only girl with 3 brothers) I found this post funny. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Once they are like that they don’t change. Katie just pulled a tick off of her stomach the other day. I was like get the alcohol, pull the skin off with twizzers, watch for a bull’s mark. She was saying Mom it is ok I am fine. So i can relate. What great pictures.

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