Thank you for praying

Everything went well today. We are grateful to God for His kindness to us. We survived the surgery…and the drive home!

We thought it funny (?) that the nurse labeled his ankles “yes” and “no” prior to the surgery.

Thank you for your prayers on our behalf.


10 thoughts on “Thank you for praying

  1. Be thankful she did, seriously. When I went in with Joel to kiss him before surgery (inguinal hernia on the right side), I asked the surgeon if he was going to initial the right side. He got indignant. “I would never write on a child’s genitals. How would you feel if he came home from Sunday School with writing on his genitals?” I was trying to make the connection and keep myself calm at the same time. “Well, he had hernia surgery on the left side as a baby and there’s no scar.” He corrected me rudely. “There is a scar, ma’am.”
    Okayyyyy, so, moral of the story, be grateful for the nurse’s small act of major import!

  2. Sorry about that Zo, and anyone else subjected to the PG 13 gore. I guess I’m just used to seeing “ole iodine toes” at this point. Hopefully the words cover well enough. 🙂

  3. Laurie,
    Boy it never ends in your family does it. Are you sure we are not related. You are in my prayers daily as our pastors,so I will add this to the list. I would love to make Jason some blackbottoms. Not sure if I can I just had surgery also. I’ll check with Mike. Maybe we could make them as a group effort! I’ll let you know.
    Love you guys,
    Donna and gang

  4. Very cute cover-up, Laurie. I almost have my appetite back.

    I can handle lots of stuff–I watched the surgeon sew Ben’s leg closed with 27 stitches–but for some reason abnormal toes and even overgrown toenails just sick me out. I tried to watch Paul’s reconstructive toe surgery but had to leave the room.

  5. Jim and I both said EWWWW, this brought Ethan running, than he went and got Alex, who went and got Alison so she could say, gross!! Thanks for the visual. We will be praying.

  6. You’d be amazed how common the “yes” versus “no” thing is. Takes a long time to come off too! (I’ve had patients scrub, and scrub, and scrub…)

    Matt and I will be praying for Jason, you and your family!

  7. Judah had markings all over his head. I thought it was funny, too, when the resident came to initial the side of his head they were going to place the shunt. Then, after they saw Judah’s films, they decided to do the other side anyway. So, his head looked like a two year old had a hay day w/ markers!

    As for removal of the marker, iodine and any sticky stuff (esp. the sticky stuff), see if you can get something called “unisolve” from your doctor’s office when he goes for a follow up or if you know anyone who works at a hospital. It’s the only stuff that worked for Judah, and I can still see goop in his ear that I just can’t get.

    Glad you’re all home!
    ANd, good thing Jason is too drugged up to read all the wonderfully gracious comments people have left about his poor toes! 🙂

  8. Lovely toes! 🙂 Be glad they marked his feet. They should have marked my grandmother, apparently, because a top heart surgeon went into the wrong side of her heart for surgery. She was all opened up when they realized it and had to close her up and send her home. She still hasn’t had the surgery she needs because she has to heal for the “fake” surgery!

  9. Glad all is well!

    My mother had the wrong tooth extracted. The oral surgeon took out the left one and it should have been the right one.

    A side note for Jason – my brother, now 37, had to give up basketball. He sticks with golf now. 🙂

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