Please Pray For Jason (and me)

Basketball and Jason have a rather toxic relationship. Just three years ago, after tearing his ACL and PCL while playing basketball, Jason had knee surgery. Today, he is having ankle surgery to remove a bone chip, re-attach and tighten ligaments, and something else I can’t remember. How did he injure his ankle? Basketball, of course. I have to say that I respect my husband’s commitment to this sport that has treated him so poorly. Donned in braces and wraps he plays at 6am every Tuesday and Thursday. He loves this sport!

I am praying that Jason’s surgery would be successful, and the recovery as short as possible. We are both praying that God would be glorified in both of our lives through the process, Jason through the difficulty of not being able to get around easily and all that this involves; and I through the opportunity to serve my husband in a more pronounced way especially over the three or four days he will be completely out of commission.

If you have a moment, will you join us in our prayers?


8 thoughts on “Please Pray For Jason (and me)

  1. Aww, we will definitely be praying. I’d like to bring a meal for Thursday night if I could. Would this be o.k.?

  2. Laurie,

    I can’t remember how I came across your blog but I read it often. Thanks for sharing your life and wisdom. I will lift up a prayer for you and your husband this week.


  3. I will make sure to let Aaron know, and we will definitely be praying. May not be long before he follows in Jason’s footsteps considering his love for basketball and current knee problems!

  4. Praying for you and waiting for your list of how we can put our (good} ankles to use for you guys.
    Stephen wants to know what is Mr. Jason’s favorite candy?

  5. We are truly overwhelmed at the kindness of our church family. Beth, you are so kind to offer dinner, even after you just moved into your new home. Bri,your constant prayers have been felt through the entire process. Zoanna, I am grateful to have you as my safety net for fresh ankles. Stephen, Jason like KitKats – I think he’s into the bites version lately.
    Thank you all so much for your prayers on our behalf. Keep praying, we’re not out of the woods yet in terms of day to day challenges. Thanks!

    Jenn, welcome to the comment box where often the comments are more insightful than the post! I visited your blog briefly and will return when life gets less chaotic and more condusive to leisurely blogging.

    Lori, hi girlie. I didn’t know you read my blog. Tell Aaron hi, and squeeze the “cutest baby in the church” according to Caleb.

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