In defense of Mari…lou

Okay, if you haven’t been yet, you’ll need to read “gentle sobbing” in order to understand this explanatory post. Here are a few facts to consider now that you’ve heard the story…true story, mind you.

First, we laugh about this story with Marilou pretty much at some point during every staff wives growth group. She is a good sport, but thinks we’re all crazy, which leads me to my next point.

Second, the passengers involved in this story, aside from shotgun riding daughter, are freaks in the car. We are all very nervous drivers, and even more nervous passengers. What Karen so innocently described as “bringing a magazine with her to share for our amusement” is really her coping mechanism when riding in anyone’s car. Karen has been known to read grocery receipts in the car to distract herself from even the best of car rides. And I, I mean, Laurin…have posted about my own nervous tendencies to slam an invisible break or gasp out loud spontaneously when riding in cars with other drivers. So keep this in mind as you read Karen’s view of the whole thing.

Third, we all had a wonderful bonding moment that night…that’s what happens when you have a near death experience!


5 thoughts on “In defense of Mari…lou

  1. just checking to see if my comments are working. I couldn’t post one earlier in response to Zoanna’s very helpful homeschool information. So Zoanna, if you’re reading…thank you!

  2. You’re welcome. Thanks also, for taking the time to comment on my Long-table post. I would love for others to pray with me that God would increase my faith for it. When I first moved to this neighborhood I took prayer walks, naming neighbors by name (as seen on their mailboxes)and felt a burden for the lost around here. I am sad that that burden has waned and that I’ve become more selfish.

  3. Laurie, I WILL be posting some fashion posts, but am waiting until I have enough to post a whole week on fashion (and get my pictures developed).

    BTW, the pasta salad for the worship team dinner was delcious! Thanks, after such a busy week.

  4. Hi Laurie-
    I couldn’t find the blog you wrote with ideas for crafts to do with your kids but I was meaning to tell you that this is something that Evan likes to do… I save empty cereal boxes, plastic containers, bottles, etc. in a bin in the storage closet and he likes to use duct tape (sp?) to build things with the stuff. Like robots, machines, computers, etc.
    I love reading your blog!

  5. Eva, what a brilliant idea. I am definitely buying duct tape today.
    thanks for passing it along!

    Danielle, thanks for considering my idea. I look forward to you fashion forward posts!

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