Celebrate Good Times!

beginning the day with a little love for Caleb.

Sweet Birthday Girl
(This cake came together with the combined creativity and brain power of my sister-inlaw, Ab; her mother, my friend Tracey; and me.)

cool corn picture
My friend Briana introduced us to our new corn on the cob obsession. You peel back the husk, but keep it attached (wrap it with a rubber band). Then, roast the corn on your grill using the husk-handles to turn it (handles are not on the flame), then brush the hot corn with mayonnaise, and then roll it in a mixture of Parmesan cheese, chili powder, and garlic salt. Voila! Amazing corn that looks cool.

blowing out the candles. Look how cute Charli looks in the background!

Cute cousins! left to right: Daniel, Caleb, Josh, Sierra holding Charli, Maggs, Izzy holding Jack.

Maggie on her first big-girl bike
My five year old beauty!

Thanks to Tracey for taking many of these pictures (any of the cute ones were taken by her…I took that first blurry one :).

Coming soon: Party #2 – the Reyes clan. We had to celebrate separately this year because Abuelo and Abuela are in England.


12 thoughts on “Celebrate Good Times!

  1. Adorable shots. (The last one is really dark on my old monitor.)

    I love the leaves on the cake as much as the flowers! And I’m just gonna HAVE to try that grilled corn cob. I’ve had ’em in the husk but not rolled in mayo, garlic and chili powder. Yum! Happy B’day again, Maggie.

  2. hmm…hot corn rolled in mayo…could we maybe replace that with butter? I’m not so sure about that!!! Cute pictures, thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Beth, I wasn’t so sure about the mayo either…you just have to trust me on this one – it tastes great even to Abby who is an anti-mayo gal.

    Any of you who’ve had this chime in!

  4. hey laurie,
    i love the pics of the kids! caleb looks so much like you. out of the 4, he is definitely you! i’m guessing maggie favors jason? anyway, i also love the cake. how in the world do you do it with 4 kids and a husband?! also, you look great! hope to hear from you. mary

  5. I had no idea I’d end up with such wonderful compliments. Did you guys feel sorry for me after my mediocre poster child post? It wasn’t supposed to be a shameless attempt for affirmation, but if it works…

    thanks kind friends! 🙂

  6. Laurie, was the picture of your corn taken before it was grilled? We tried this recipe last night and it was quite good. I hadn’t made it really clear that the boys (shucking) were supposed to leave the husk attached. Fortunately they left “handles” on. How long did you grill yours? I did it till the sides were evenly yellow and brown, but some kernels got a bit overdone. Also, it wasn’t as moist as boiled corn. Is this my fault or the nature of the recipe? All in all, it tasted really good. I was going for “great” but it fell short. Any tips?

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