yummy food fast

One of our favorite quick lunch/dinners lately has been “chicken wraps”. You just find whatever chicken you have (leftovers, chicken nuggets, pre-cooked buffalo chicken strips are yummy), make sure it’s off the bone. Heat it in the microwave . Then you take a warm flour tortilla, put ranch dressing, lettuce, and the chicken and roll… Continue reading yummy food fast

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Linen Storage

I finally tamed the beast…my linen closet. And I will admit to the fact that several times yesterday I opened my organized linen and just stood there admiring it. Sweet order…even if only for a little while. While I was working I remembered one of my favorite organization tips found in one of the many… Continue reading Linen Storage

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My First & Best

I said I would share a few thoughts from the retreat I attended a couple of weeks ago, but my good intentions were swallowed up by all-things-ankle-surgery. In fact, where last month I had serious blogger’s block, it seems this month I have tons of things I want to write about or pass along. Today’s… Continue reading My First & Best

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You know you have brothers when…

…your mother asks you to get her a screw driver and you say, “flat head?” …you bring your mother a live frog and say, “isn’t he cute?” (yeah, no problem kissing frogs for my little princess). …you come upstairs and calmly tell mommy, “I think I have a bug behind my ear.” then proceed to… Continue reading You know you have brothers when…

Spiritual Musings

Guarded With Gratitude

Imagine for a moment that your city were surrounded by enemy forces who aimed to destroy you. And you are aware that enemy sympathizers live and work in the city with a view to undermining the city’s defenses. And suppose you discover that there is song which the enemy and their sympathizers cannot tolerate or… Continue reading Guarded With Gratitude


Really Yummy Banana Bread

I have been on a quest to find a really good banana bread recipe. I used to have one that called for cooking oil as opposed to butter that was moist and delicious, but I lost it somehow. Well, yesterday I found a similar recipe online. It’s too good not to pass along. Really Moist… Continue reading Really Yummy Banana Bread