Worship God Conference Anyone?

I was just wondering if any of the gals who read this are going to be at the Worship God conference. Wouldn’t it be great to get together?

6 thoughts on “Worship God Conference Anyone?

  1. What a great idea, Laurie. I guess you’re going, since you posted this. That’s exciting! I hope to be going, I’m asking off tomorrow, so pray that I can, as it’ll probably be the last one I’ll go to for a few years. I’m specifically excited about all the songwriting workshops. It would be great to meet some of our other blogging friends there!

  2. Can’t believe it till I get there….but the plane ticket’s booked. I’ll only get the last two days, but a weekend away with my hubby no kiddos? I can’t complain!

  3. Danielle, I’m working on going. Childcare is always the issue…I’ll only go part of the time more than likely.

    Beth, I put the link in the post. Worship God ’06 is the Sovereign Grace Conference for Worship leaders, worship team members, and anyone else involved in worship ministry. It is broad enough that anyone could come and be edified.

  4. Oh I wish we could go this year… my hubby was scheduled to go with the thought that maybe I’d go to. Than I was given a due date of August 19th and no neither of us are going 🙂 Darn babies messing up schedules 😉

    I hope you get to go! I know it’s going to be awesome!

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