Salt Scrub for Smooth Summer Skin

I have been a huge fan of skin-exfoliating salt scrubs for years now. They can be a bit pricey, so I was delighted when a friend of mine gave me a homemade salt scrub as a gift last year. I’ve been making my own ever since. It’s really inexpensive and easy.

Just in case you are not familiar with how to use a salt scrub, I’ll give you the instructions for use before I give you the instructions for making it.

Basically salt scrub is a moisturizing exfoliant. You use it all over your body (or just arms and legs if other skin is sensitive…definitely not face) in the shower, then rinse with water (or if you feel too oily, wash with soap afterward). Your skin will feel fantastic, I promise! Two things to remember, first, this isn’t bath salt. You use it in the shower as a scrub. Use it before you shave, not after. That would sting like crazy. Used before hand will help give you a great shave. And if you’re a self-tanning cream girl, the exfoliant is perfect to use before you slather that stuff on.

1. Find a suitable container. I use an empty container from a Bath & Body scrub I used before I started making my own.

2. Take Epsom salt (less than $2) and pour it in almost to the top.

3. Pour baby oil (less than $2) in with the espsom salt until the mixture looks like slushy snow. I add oil, mix, add oil, mix…until it’s the slushy consistency I want it to be. (I use the end of an old toothbrush to mix)

If you want, you can make this fancier like my friend and add color and fragrance. I have tried adding a bit of mineral oil in with the baby oil during the winter because my skin was so dry. I store the epsom salt and baby oil under the sink in my bathroom and use it whenever (I can make about 4 pots of scrub with one bag of salt, and one bottle of oil). Also, I stick to baby oil because the fragrance doesn’t compete with my perfume.



5 thoughts on “Salt Scrub for Smooth Summer Skin

  1. I love salt scrub! Thanks for the recipe. I’ll definitely use it when the one I got for Christmas is gone!

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