Another Blog to Add to the List

If you haven’t discovered it yet, Gospel Driven Life is a blog written by Mark Lauterbach, a pastor from California. I especially appreciated this post from yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Another Blog to Add to the List

  1. hey laurie!
    how are you? i saw your mom and dad this past saturday and your mom gave me this web address. i am so glad to finally have a way to keep in touch (other than the phone). i love emailing people, so i would love to keep intouch via email. i will also make sure to check out your blog site periodically.
    i am sure your mom will fill you in on my life. to sum it up, i live in shreveport with my “son” solomon. he is 5 y/o and loves to lick himself:) i found him at the humane society and fell in love with him instantly. he definitely is “king solomon.”
    my work is good. i love being a counselor. it is my calling. my love life is insane! i’ll tell you about it later.
    anyway, we’ll have to catch up soon. you can email me at mkarcement@yahoo.com. can’t wait to hear from you. give my love to karen and jimmy. hope to meet you husband and kids some day soon. bye for now, mary

  2. GospelDrivenLife is one of my FAVORITE blogs. I could quote him weekly. can’t remember where/how I stumbled across it, but it’s definitely one of my must reads. glad you found it too 🙂

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