Two Tireds

Two men.
Two boats.
Two different kinds of tired.

I have often considered these two men sleeping in boats when I come to the end of my day and find myself exhausted. We find Jonah asleep in the boat as he tries to run from God’s will for his life.
“But Jonah had gone down into the inner part of the ship and had lain down and was fast asleep.” Jonah 1:5
I have been like Jonah, trying to take the socially acceptable “boat” away from what God has called me to in the home. Maybe it is the S.S. Blogger, or the S.S. Book, or the S.S. Target, or the S.S. Telephone. Maybe it simply laziness, or doing what I feel like doing as opposed to doing what needs to get done. Even though blogging, reading, shopping, and talking on the phone are as innocent as a boat ride in and of themselves, I know in my heart when I am using them to escape God’s will for my life. It is strangely fatiguing.

In striking similarity and contrast we see Jesus asleep in a boat.
“And behold, there arose a great storm on the sea, so that the boat was being swamped by the waves; but he was asleep.” (Matt 8:24)
He was tired for the opposite reason Jonah was asleep: He completely obeyed the will of His Father. I obviously can’t claim to be like Jesus here. But, by His grace, there are days when I am completely exhausted for very different reasons. I remember Douglas Wilson saying something to the effect that mothers of young children should feel tired each day, it means they’re doing their job right (does anybody have this quote?). Indeed, when I do my job (calling/ministry) over here, it is very tiring. There is nothing wrong with being really, really tired at the end of the day. It could be an indication that I am doing what God has called me to do.

But when I come to the end of my day, what brings rest to my soul is the same regardless of my performance: Jesus perfectly obeyed the Father, and His perfect obedience has been accredited to me. It is in His righteousness that I go to bed each night…not my own. Ahhh, such peace and rest is found here. The One who could say to the raging seas, “peace, be still” has said these words to my heart on my best day, and my worst. The Prince of Glory, who had no need to ever sleep or slumber, humbled Himself to be clothed in human frailty and as we see here, feel exhausted. Astounding! Why would He do this? Jesus perfectly obeyed the Father in his life, and in His death on the cross in order to save us from our sins, and bring us to God to the praise of His glory alone. Now, because of His work on my behalf, I can climb into the boat of obedience today. And when I lay my head down tonight, hopefully exhausted in the right way, I will find my rest in His work, not my own.

7 thoughts on “Two Tireds

  1. Great parallels, here, Laurie. I have often thought about the same differences in tiredness (tired from rowing MY boat vs. tired from being a simple “fisherman.” The latter IS hard work…fishing for what’s really going on inside a teenager’s mind, fishing for the truth a four year old might be trying to hide, fishing for a better way to make this house a home. Versus fishing for compliments, ease, solitude. You row, girl!

  2. thanks for that great reminder that “what brings rest to my soul is the same regardless of my performance: Jesus perfectly obeyed the Father…”. This brings fresh hope to my heart today and I know that I can either choose to believe a lie or choose to trust once again in the righteousness of Christ and not my own.

    The truth of the Gospel brings so much hope and life and truly is refreshing! I must be reminded daily or I am so easily discouraged in trying to earn God’s favor through my works. Trusting in Christ daily is so much easier and brings so much joy!

    It’s good to walk this path with others and to remind one another of His sweet grace. Love you guys…

  3. Lord of My Love,

    Great post! What a gift you are to me my love!

    In reading your post I thought of this quote that Mike Bullmore shared a few years back that keeps me mindful of where my “peace” for sleep comes from:

    “I have taken all my good deeds, and all my bad, and cast them in a heap before the Lord, and fled from both, and betaken myself to the Lord Jesus Christ; and in Him I have sweet peace.” — D. Dickson

    Hope it serves.

  4. Ahhh…dear anonymous. I thought you might ask. It’s Jason’s sincere, though perhaps a bit-over-the-top, way of addressing letters to me. It is from a line in one of Shakespeare’s sonnets. I am blushing.–>

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