Briana’s Comment

I wanted to publish the comment Briana left on my last post. It is evidence of the beautiful work of grace I have witnessed in my dear friend’s life.

Thanks for posting this. How true this is, and while my faith falters (you are well acquainted with what that looks like for me), I do stand back at times amazed at the good work God’s doing in me and those around me through Judah’s suffering.
A while back I came across this quote from Spurgeon. It was short enough to remember, and its truth has never been more felt than in the last several days:
“Happy is the suffering that loosens our grip on earth.”

When we came back from the opthamologist on Wednesday night and began to grow more acquainted with the intensity these last couple days were going to hold for us, I went to my book shelf and pulled out, “In Light of Eternity”.

It is clear that God has written eternity on our hearts. It is what we long for, and one of my prayers is that those who encounter us at Hopkins will get a taste of the longing in their own hearts for God and for Heaven by interacting with us.

Bri, we will all be praying for you. Thank you for your example to us all.

One thought on “Briana’s Comment

  1. briana . . .

    thank you for the way you are caring for your dear friend emily in the lancaster church as her 1yr old is very sick. thanks for your example to us all.

    praying for you today.

    love, tracey campbell

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