My Mother In Law

She loved him first. She loves him deeply. She is my mother in law.

I can’t say how many times I have thanked God for the faithfulness of this godly mother. Every time I see her influence in my husband’s life I truly have heart felt gratitude for Debbie Reyes.

In His sovereignty, God graciously used the example and training of his mother (and father, but hey…we’re talking moms right now) to lead my husband to Christ at an early age, and train him in the way he should go. He was raised in a godly environment from birth, and claims to have been born on Saturday, in church on Sunday. His love for the church, and passion for God are the continuing legacy that started many generations ago, passed on to him by his parents.

I have undoubtedly, the best husband I personally know of – don’t roll your eyes – it’s true! I attribute this to God’s grace at work through the influence of Jason’s mother. There are some things that I directly see evidence of Debbie’s influence on the leader of our home.

I am grateful that Debbie taught my husband how to communicate with a woman. He never gives the one word answer or grunt as is so often portrayed in male stereotypes. He gives details, he asks questions. I know he learned this through consistent communication with his mother.

I am grateful that Debbie taught my husband how to be a gentleman. He always holds the door open, and pulls out the chair. He doesn’t miss an opportunity to express gratitude for any way that I serve him. He keeps my gas tank full so that I don’t have to pump gas. He carries in the groceries if he’s around when we go shopping. He brings home flowers spontaneously, and goes antiquing with me (his love for history helps us here, but still his mother has always loved antiques).

More than what she has taught Jason with regard to how to “treat a girl”, is what he has learned from her by example and training spiritually. I am grateful that:

Jason is tender hearted, like his mother.
Jason seeks God daily through His Word and prayer, like his mother.
Jason is a servant, like his mother.
Jason works hard, like his mother.
Jason loves excellence, like his mother.

My husband has learned much through the faithful example and training of his mother. I am blessed to be learning from her as well. How kind of God to provide another amazing example of a Titus 2 woman in my life. What a privilege it is to have lengthy conversations of great depth with my mother in law. What a blessing to observe up close her walk with the Lord. She is an amazing lady, and I am truly grateful for her.

I love and respect you so much, Debbie.

Happy Mother’s Day


2 thoughts on “My Mother In Law

  1. Way to go, Debbie, and way to go Laurie for the specifics. But you left out THE MUSIC!!! Debbie’s influence as a musician, singer and leader of choirs has had far-reaching influence.

  2. I love Debbie! What a great way to honor her! I’m so grateful I get so spend time with her serving on the Worship Team with her and in Care Group. What a great lady!

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