We’re Together For The Gospel Too

My husband is privileged to be at the Together for the Gospel Conference. I am following along as often as I can through Tim Challies’ live-blogging. One thing I noticed in his account of Mark Dever’s opening comments are the references to the things the leaders of this conference are not together on. It’s funny. Here’s an exerpt:

Dever explained that these men are not together on what to wear, on what pulpit to use or on what songs to sing or on what music to play. Mark suggested that if any Sovereign Grace guys are present, they be given access to the aisle seat so they can move around a little bit. They are not together on applause or on “amen’s.” The Sovereign Grace folk will surely be vocal in letting you know their agreement, Baptists will mumble a polite “amen,” whereas Presbyterians believe that silence is consent. Neither are they together on how to introduce the speakers. Mark encouraged us to make a game of this and during the week keep track of all things that these men are not together on. “Together for the ___________ [fill in the blank].”

But isn’t it amazing that there is one unifying truth that these pastors are together on: the truth of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. This conference glorifies God in its diversity, but even more in its unity. How exciting to know that there are so many pastors gathered declaring with one accord: we are Together For The Gospel. Wonderful!

I’m not in Kentucky. I’m here in my little house with four little children, but we are also together for the Gospel. We aren’t together on homeschooling (the boys don’t always find it as necessary as Mommy does), but we are together for the Gospel and homeschooling provides all sorts of reminders and applications of our need for a Savior! We aren’t together on how to have a good time (the boys preferring sports, Maggie preferring tea party, Mommy preferring reading), but we are together for the Gospel and because the Gospel tells us that Jesus laid down His life for us, we are able to lay down our lives for each other during play time. We aren’t together on the housework that needs to be done (though they seem to be together about un-doing it), but we are together for the Gospel, and Jesus who did not come to be served, but to serve makes it possible for us to do the same.

My prayer is that today I would remember that all “differences” we encounter today are to bring us together for the Gospel. I don’t want to miss the opportunities to enjoy and apply the Gospel as a family: Daddy in Kentucky, and the rest of in the kitchen.

5 thoughts on “We’re Together For The Gospel Too

  1. Awesome reminder, Laurie. I love how you took the purpose of the conference and were able to relate it to our everyday life. You’re so good at doing that.

  2. Excellent post, friend!
    You are leading the way for the rest of us at home in learning how to functionally “apply the gospel” so that the phrase moves beyond cliche and becomes our reality.
    Thanks so much for helping us make the connections!

  3. I agree with the comments above. I can ID w/ the not agreeing on the homeschooling (students don’t value it as highly in April especially) and housework (year round disagreement).

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