Victorious Loser

I have good news and bad news.
Bad news first: none of my teams are left in the College Basketball bracket.
Good news: Neither are Jason’s; and I had more right predictions for victory than he did which makes me the victorious loser (five of my elite eight picks made it).
Even Better News: We have bonded in a new way through this basketball madness. Even though I generally fall asleep before it’s over (only to discover on 3 separate occasions that my teams beat his in overtime or dramatically at the last second), I still know whose playing when and so on and so forth. Way more interest than my usual, “You have got to be kidding me…another basketball game??!!” I even know things like “sweet sixteen”, “elite eight”, and “final four”.
Best News of All: I get an hour long massage. Sweet victory!

6 thoughts on “Victorious Loser

  1. Kudoes to you, Laurie. Whoopeee! So, the massage, is that what the winner gets after each game, or was this the trophy reserved for when one of you had lost his/her last pick? I am inspired to be more “Mad” next year during March. Massages are always an incentive (as well as my hubby’s dimpled smile when I attempt to get into his world a shred more).

  2. Zoanna, It was my choice for a grand prize. He picked something completely different…maybe I’ll consider some type of consolation ;).

  3. Hey, I made your pumpkin muffin recipe last night (I think you were the one that posted it–a long time ago) and they are so yummy! I added some walnuts to it and Josh and I love them.

  4. Congratulations Mrs. Laurie!

    You’ve inspired me, so next year I told my dad I’m going to do a bracket. We’ll see how that goes…

  5. Sarah, if you’d like, I’ll mentor you on how to choose your picks with loyalty, heart, and stats…oh, and now that I know what the uniforms look like…color scheme.

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