Spring Cleaning

I was curious to know if any of you actually do “spring cleaning”. If you do, why do you do it? How do you do it(what does it consist of)? What is your strategy?

11 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. I can’t say that in my adulthood I’ve actually done “spring cleaning” as much as I would like to for my own sake, the sake of my household and of course, to make my mom proud. But, boy, did we do it growing up!
    Here are a few things I remember about spring cleaning:
    1. Take down all draperies, blinds, whatever window treatments you have and clean them…that is a major drag, I think, no matter what kind of window treatments one has.
    2. Wash all the windows inside and out w/ vinegar water and newspaper.
    3. Switch over to spring clothes and pack away winter clothes, picking out stuff to get rid of or give away.
    4.Go through closets and minimize/organize. Minimize by pitching stuff no longer useful and Organize the rest.
    5. Take Mr. Clean water and scrub the tops of the cabinets (I actually did just do that in my home!)
    6. If it hasn’t been done in a while, clean out the refrigerator, pulling out all the food, trays, drawers and clean thoroughly. Same goes for the freezer.

    Those are a few of the things I remember helping my mom with.
    What are you thinking of doing?

  2. I actually do plan to do spring cleaning, since I have a spring break–and nothing better to do! I am keeping a running to-do list. Right now it consists of washing the windows inside and out (including the window sills). I am sure the list will grow, but that’s where I am in the planning process. If I have a list, then I will actually complete the items on the list. No list, no chores completed!

  3. Bri – I’m exhausted just reading this list! In my fantasy version of me, I’m totally doing all of those things 🙂 .

    Jessica – I’m going to try to find that website. Is it an overwhelming task to do alone (my kids can’t really help too much – besides in the sanctifying part of interruption).

    Suzanne – I hear ya, sister! How was it with all of the wedding stuff, twin toddlers, and a house to run? I am amazed at your energy.

  4. Libby – You go girl! This is a unique season where you might actually have the house stay clean for 24 hours after the spring cleaning. Are you using a list from a website/book or just making one from the needs you see around you?

  5. Here is the link to the “Spring Cleaning Grand Plan” that I followed a few years ago. http://organizedhome.com/content-26.html

    Adjust the dates, obviously. OH (Organized Home) runs this plan through their message boards about three times a year. I did it in 2003 right before we decided we were going to move. It was particularly timely because the house was organized, decluttered and ready to sell.

  6. Laurie, I am using my own to-do list. I printed a template from MIcrosoft–it listed each room–and I am filling in my needs by room. =) I really can’t stand cleaning, but once I have a goal in mind and actually start, I might be ok!

  7. I have mostly lingering memories of spring cleaning from growing up. Most are unpleasant. We even had to wash walls. Not just baseboards–the actual walls. We also washed curtains, vacuumed and dusted books (not just bookcases). A real drag. My mom’s been a professional student since the Ice Age; that’s a lot of books. We also did the clothing switcheroo–had to try everything on; couldn’t just say it’s too small. Fridge got pulled out and mopped behind; all dishes came out of cabinets and cabinets got scrubbed. Windows. Ugh. My dad got on a ladder outside with hose and cleaners, while we were on the inside. I personally like flylady.com’s routines. NOt that I stick to anyone’s plan, but it’s theoretically the one most closely matched to my sense of doability.
    I say let’s have a spring cleaning party, progressive style. One Saturday we go from house to house doing windowsills and baseboards; another time we do light fixtures and ceiling fans. Of course we eat, drink and be merry while cranking up praise music. What do you think?

  8. We change clothes over in March and organize closets. (In fact, I’m supposed to be doing that this week.) We don’t do any major cleaning or re-organizing until school’s out though. So I guess ours is Very Late Spring or Early Summer Cleaning. Even so, our house is never all clean at once. It’s still a little at a time.

    I give the boys lots of chores to do. I figure even if they don’t do a great job at it, they are learning and it keeps them from messing something else up in the meantime. Samuel is actually the only person in my family who has polished silver – my mom taught him!

    By the way, tell Jason I’m still looking for a picture of Mike Sangster for the blog. I don’t have one from that day, but I have some others from around that time.

  9. I grew up doing some sort of spring cleaning after homeschooling was over. Nothing really planned about it, just clean everything really good. 🙂

    Since we just moved into our house in October, and we already cleaned alot that you usually do, so my projects are not of the usual spring cleaning sort, more like “things we didn’t get done when we moved in.” They include:

    *Clean blinds (haven’t been cleaned since we moved in)
    *Switch winter/summer clothes, go through, take stuff to Good Will, etc.
    *Clean out basement completely and paint
    *Clean out shed and organize
    *Repaint shed
    *Plant flowers/veggies

    Can’t wait! Bring on the warm weather!

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