My Loaves and Fish? or Bread of Life?

I read about Jesus feeding the 5000 in John 6 this morning. Many times when I read this I make the application is as follows: I have five little loaves and two little fish of my gift, ability, etc. and Jesus, who is all-powerful, can take my little offering of myself, and increase it to feed 5000! Such application gives faith that where I am lacking, Jesus can increase.

This morning, however, the Holy Sprit gave me eyes to see things differently. I have no loaves or fish. I have an empty stomach. Jesus is the bread, not my abilities. His body had to be broken on my behalf. Is it possible that the whole reason humans need to eat, and not just eat – but eat things that once had life, but had to die to feed us (meat, vegetables, grains)- is to show us a greater truth in the spiritual realm? Our souls need food or we will die. Jesus saying we must partake of Him, or we will die is hard to understand. I think it has something to do with Jesus, like food, having to be broken and killed so that I might live. I think it means something about Jesus being the only thing that satisfies my hungry soul. I believe it means that viewing manna as my daily Bible reading doesn’t go far enough if I remember Jesus said He is manna- Bread come down from heaven. It’s not just reading the Bible as an ends in itself, but it means reading it as a means of intimate communion with Jesus. And it means that when Isaiah asks the question: Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your wages for that which does not satisfy? God is inviting me to turn aside from the poisonous lite fare of this world (comfort, entertainment, praise from man)that never satisfies but leaves me craving more; and turn to the Bread of Life and find my soul deeply satisfied, nourished, alive and thriving…and craving more.


3 thoughts on “My Loaves and Fish? or Bread of Life?

  1. A wonderful insight, Laurie. Don’t you love it when the Bread does that–make a familiar passage fresh with deeper understanding? It’s like the first time my dad shared the familiar “communion verses” with us a long, long time ago as a family. “As often as ye eat or drink, do this in remembrance of Me.” We don’t think Jesus meant, “as often as ye share communion at church, remember my loving sacrifice on your behalf.” Rather, “as often as you put food in your mouth or drink to your lips, remember Me.” My dad not only gives thanks at every meal, but even before dessert! How much more grateful I’d be if I remembered the Lord’s sacrifice before every snack, too:).

  2. I meant to sign my name. The comment section layout’s been changed by one of my kids and I forgot to click “blogger.” -Zoanna

  3. Laurie,
    I read this morning, “This is my body, broken for you.” How timely these meditations of yours are for me today.
    Can I copy this and use it for my ladies’ growth group? It is just excellent and I think will provide motivation to anyone lacking it.

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