Looky Here!

There have been some wonderful posts in the blogosphere lately, and they are found other places than here. Check out a few that I have found very helpful lately.

Solofeminity: Carolyn McCulley, in classic McCulley style, brilliantly and wisely informs us how to find contentment, not just as a single woman, but in any season. This is one smart lady, and even better – she is godly and wise.

Girl Talk: Well, of course no reference to helpful blogs could be complete without this one! I love Carolyn’s post from yesterday. It gives me faith for my future as an empty nester, but also challenges me that how I invest in my marriage will directly affect my future experience in marriage.

Worship Matters: Bob Kauflins Monday devotions are a must-read for me. Check this one out about applying the gospel to our lives everyday. I love the Piper quote in particular.

Fishboys: Jessica Fisher shares her plans for playdates with the kids in her church. She even set up a blog! I love to be inspired by other moms as to how to love and cherish my children even more. This is a lady who is thriving in her role as mother and it is evident in her posts.

2 thoughts on “Looky Here!

  1. I can’t believe you ranked ME in with the ranks of these guys. Whoa! Thanks for the encouragement. The first movie day (which, of course, landed on the first 70+ degree day when we should have all been outside) went well. The Fishboys cannot wait for today as they can feed their Star Wars obsession.

  2. I just read Carolyn McCulley’s article on contentment. I don’t really go to her website much, but thanks for linking us to this article. It was soooo good, sooo insightful and helpful even with some of my current struggles. It’s an article I think I will need to copy and read over and over again.
    AND, please be one of those friends who helps me see the early signs of discontentment. Boy, was it convicting.–>

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