Quotable Kiddos: at play

Here is the kids’ congregation when they played church the other week. The stage from which they preached was the landing between the stairs on the way to the basement. Very cute and ecclectic group, just like Chesapeake.

This reminds me of a new thing I’m doing that I’ll pass on for your consideration. When the kids spend a lot of time setting something up, I always dread making them clean up their “hard work”. Cleaning up is inevitable, however, due to the meetings we host, etc. In effort to honor their creativity and hardwork, even though I was making them put it away, I started taking pictures of their cities, villages, traintracks, battle scenes, tea parties etc. and downloading them into my photo slideshow (which is my screen saver), so now they enjoy them weeks later. Here are a couple of the photos. (Posted because they get a kick out of seeing their stuff on the blog – sounds familiar).

I wish I could claim this a kinesthetic homeschool project (I am teaching Maggie to write her name), but she came up with this one herself.
This is Caleb’s pioneer village.


6 thoughts on “Quotable Kiddos: at play

  1. Very creative, Caleb and Maggie. Joel could tell that was Maggie’s name (somehow) and said, “She should do that with MY name!” I like Josh’s idea: king size beds for him AND her, what could be better? Tell Josh I like his pioneer village.My little sister and I used to build Lincoln Log forts and corrals all the time. Does Izzy have something to post this week, cute or creative? I love the congregational chairs set up. And thanks for the idea of how to make clean up feel less disappointing by posting the work on the blog! I think you’re on to something….

  2. Isn’t it great to have a digital camera on hand for stuff like this? We had a nice one that broke and were without a camera for a year! Oh, how I missed it. But this Christmas, my in-laws were so kind to get us a new one. It’s such a blessing…and then you can remember all the little things that happen. 😀

  3. Zoanna, I didn’t realize I had something of everyone’s except Izzy. It seems to even out in the end. If you notice my QK blog, they all take turns being the funny kid :). He did help with the church, though. He did his own little sermon.

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