The Great Escape

My mom tells a funny story about my sister when she was little. Karyn, prone to drama, was frustrated after being corrected by my mom and decided to run away. She headed out of the house on her tricycle with only the bare necessities…her baby sister (me, standing on the back), and my diapers. She headed off up a huge hill pedalling feverishly. It was a futile escape. She eventually went back home to where people loved her, cared for her, provided for her, and protected her.

It dawned on me at some point in my life as wife, mother, and homemaker, that I too try to escape at times. Rather than pick up and leave, I do something more socially acceptable. In the past some of my great escapes were t.v., sleep, shopping. More recently God is showing me that the internet is my vacation of choice. I love getting online and checking blogs, reading the latest and the greatest. It gets me out of my world for a little while. None of my escapes in and of themselves are wrong. In fact, each one could be a means of grace. But I am convicted lately about hopping on my tricycle of blogworld, and e-mail and running away from the life God has called me to.

God’s will for me as a woman, is safe. If I try to avoid disciplining my kids, or doing quality homeschooling. If I let the laundry pile up, or play, “tag, you’re it” when Jason comes home. If I know there is something I could be doing, but have decided to click from blog to blog instead – it is like running away on a tricycle. God is so gracious to remind me to “come home”. Yes, I’m here bodily, but is my heart here?

God help me to know when I am escaping life on the tricycle of an acceptable activity. Help me to obey you and return to the beautiful life you’ve called me to as a woman.

3 thoughts on “The Great Escape

  1. Amen! Great thoughts.

    It’s a struggle to keep a balance. Yes, there are so many good things to read on-line. But am I leaving my home when I get on the computer? Sometimes… :

  2. Very interesting that you wrote this in light of what we talked about today at the Bible study. Did you watch the video ahead of time with your mom? 😉

    ps. Katie is napping. I’m being a good girl right now…by God’s grace. 😀

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