Snow Day Semi-live Blog: Some History

It began with my mother. She grew up in New Orleans and when she moved to Maryland the novelty of snow never faded. Every time it snowed she made chili and cornbread, and spent the day cooking, bundling us up, sending us out, baking cookies, warming us up with hot cocoa and warm cookies, drying our clothes, then beginning again from bundling us up. We stayed outside for hours…until we were numb. My family will remember a few of the following: snow mobiles with the Connellee’s, Hanson Hill, K-Court snow ball battle, especially fun at night, and the snow fort in front of 1425.

As much fun as snow days were as a child, I admit I like them even more as a mother. My mom showed me how to do a snow day, and I am happy to say that I made chili, bundled up the kiddos, played outside for a while, and now am ready to make cookies and get the hot cocoa ready.

Here’s a little bit of our world on a snow day.


3 thoughts on “Snow Day Semi-live Blog: Some History

  1. My mom often did the same thing. Soup or chili with hot cocoa when we came inside to warm us up. Hmmm. Snow Days are holidays to be celebrated to me!

  2. I love that tradition! I’ll have to adopt it for our family. My mother-in-law mentioned making chili this weekend, too, so maybe it is already a Seitler tradition.

    Mmm. Now I am hungry! 😉

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