That’s Amore!

When the staff had a marriage retreat last month we agreed that one of the most memorable events was when Arie Mangrum (leading the session on romance) had us tell one another what our “song” was. Each person went around the room sharing; and at some point, Jimmy pulled out his laptop and started to… Continue reading That’s Amore!


Parenting by Faith or by Fear?

I know most of you who read this already visit the GirlTalk blog regularly, but I want to draw attention to the following quote by Carolyn Mahaney because I thought it was soooooo helpful. Faith toward God is the foundation of effective mothering. Did you catch that? Here it is again: Faith toward God is… Continue reading Parenting by Faith or by Fear?


Quotable Kiddos: at play

Here is the kids’ congregation when they played church the other week. The stage from which they preached was the landing between the stairs on the way to the basement. Very cute and ecclectic group, just like Chesapeake. This reminds me of a new thing I’m doing that I’ll pass on for your consideration. When… Continue reading Quotable Kiddos: at play


Shower of Encouragement

Briana said it best when she called last night a “shower of encouragement” for my sister-in-law, and dear friend, Emily Clancy. She continued the analogy by saying something to the effect that we have baby showers. We have bridal showers (check this one out…too cute!). These are events where we do more than show these… Continue reading Shower of Encouragement


Lessons From the Olympics

I am not an athelete. I can definitely relate to this. Somehow in His divine will, and perhaps sense of humor, God has chosen to make me the wife of a sports fanatic who is discipling my three sons, and yes, my daughter as well, in his love for all things athletic. One of my… Continue reading Lessons From the Olympics


The Great Escape

My mom tells a funny story about my sister when she was little. Karyn, prone to drama, was frustrated after being corrected by my mom and decided to run away. She headed out of the house on her tricycle with only the bare necessities…her baby sister (me, standing on the back), and my diapers. She… Continue reading The Great Escape