Sole Survivor

We have an official winner of the Survivor: Hermit Crab Edition. It was official last Wednesday that Hulky won, outliving Pinky, Spidey, and Batman. After twelve months of rigorous play, and six months of utter neglect, Hulky remains the sole survivor.

In a previous post I sang the praises of my gifted family members, while humbly not calling attention to my own special gifting. Well, I can keep silent no longer. It seems my gift would be the ability to keep small creatures alive for long periods of time. This gift was first uncovered when my sister gave us a beta fish known to us as Elijah Bluefish. Karyn’s fish lasted the traditional month or two. My fish lasted three years! Three years of cleaning a fish bowl and feeding a creature I never wanted in the first place. My mother, as you know, graciously gave my children hermit crabs. Karyn’s lived a traditional one to two months, mine lived two years (and that’s not counting how long they were alive at the pet store before we got them), and Hulky is still going strong.

Well, now that I look at the preceding paragraph, I humbly realize that maybe I’m not so gifted at keeping small creatures alive, it’s really that Karyn (to whom I have been comparing my abilities all along) has a knack at killing them. Don’t tell her I said so.


7 thoughts on “Sole Survivor

  1. I would say I’d give you my dying plants to revive, but I can’t recall seeing too many plants at the Reyes’ house. Do they have to be in the animal category for you to keep them alive?

  2. I have never had a plant live for longer than a week but I did manage to keep the supposedly “disposable” turtles alive for 3 years before carting them off to the pet store to be sold to another unsuspecting parent. When Allison read that they can live for up to 30 years, I wanted out!! You know, surprisingly I don’t miss the smell of fresh turtle poop in the morning, go figure.

  3. Yes I can relate… we got my daughter three beta fish for christmas, jimmy,jerry & gord (veggie tales) are their names. She was so excited…. but the excitment has worn off and I’m left wondering how much longer I will be cleaning out this disgusting smelling fish tank 🙂 Secretly I’m hoping it’ll be more like Karyn’s experience than yours!

  4. They don’t call him Hulky for nothin’. I won’t breathe a word of this to Karyn. Might hurt her feelings, y’know. In fact, if Sarah didn’t actually have feelings for the fish in her room, I might ask Karyn to housesit them during our next vacation, if ya know what I mean.

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