Wise Words for Wives

This isn’t an exact quote, but the principle is so true.  Lars Gren (Elisabeth Eliott’s husband) once said something to the effect of:

When a gal marries a guy she is usually perfectly happy with at least 90% of him, and would only change maybe about 10% of him. Now she can spend the rest of her married life trying to change the 10% and maybe end up changing 2%, meanwhile making both of them utterly miserable, or she can just spend her days enjoying the 90% she fell in love with in the first place.

2 thoughts on “Wise Words for Wives

  1. I love Lars. He is so quotable. Those two are sooooooo opposite, is it any wonder they ended up together? I had heard him say that about loving the 90% you fell in love with. Thanks for the reminder.

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